Your truck can have a lot of unavoidable messes, from spilled drinks to construction dirt. Seat covers aren’t just a cosmetic auto accessory because they also offer a level of protection that can save hundreds of dollars in reupholstery and repair costs. Seat covers will protect against stains, spills, and water damage. Prolonged exposure to sun can cause seats to fade and make them more susceptible to wear, but proper truck seat covers can prevent that.


There are a number of different materials when considering truck seat covers. Neoprene is known for its waterproofing availability and is constructed from the same material that is used to make wetsuits. This means the material provides protection against water damage. Ballistic Nylon may not be the most comfortable fabric in the world, but it will provide protection against spilled drinks and other messes. This material was originally used for WWII fighter pilot jackets. Velour is a more comfortable material but won’t offer a great form of water resistance. This is more for drivers who want style and comfort instead of protection. Leather seat covers can still offer protection. Leather won’t absorb spills so the liquid will sit on top, making it easy to clean. Leather can get sticky on hot days and is vulnerable to wear. If you are looking for the most cost effective solution, suede may be an option. Suede seat covers are less susceptible to wear and are tougher but they aren’t naturally resistant to water damage or UV rays, so the material will need to be treated with weather resistant materials. Tweed can give you comfort, it won’t stain as easily, and it is resistant to wear. Saddle blanket covers give you protection and will give you a Western look. The material is easy to clean and provides protection from tears and stains.

The Fit

Custom seat covers will give you a more seamless fit and look. These are formed to the exact dimensions of your truck. The right fitting seat covers will protect every bit of your seating area, from the headrest to the armrests. Semi custom seat covers can work if you are on a budget. They still offer great protection but won’t fit as well in the car.

Tips for Choosing

Choose a seat cover that will work with your lifestyle. If you are spending lots of time in your truck, then you need to find a seat cover that is up for the challenge. You also may want one that has a soft foam backing that will provide some comfort and support. If stain protection is your number one priority, then choose one made of neoprene. If you are getting custom seat covers, you can choose a design that gives you some personalization. 

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