The pros and Cons of corner shower stalls

Working with small spaces when building your bathroom can be stressful. Planning the area determining whether the toilet will go, the sink and the shower is confusing. A crammed looking bathroom is an embarrassment even for the guest room. It is for this reason that corner shower stalls are the best option for you. Corner shower stalls allow space for everything else while making the bathroom look modern and sophisticated. The installation has to be done by professionals to avoid gross mistakes that will be costly. Working with professionals also ensures that you get a classy looking finishing. The corner shower stalls come with several advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering before installation.


  • The acrylic build makes the bathroom look classy and practical despite the minimalist nature of things. The bathroom makes it easy to design the rest of the bathroom as the space the shower takes gives an allowance for the rest of the installations in the bathroom.
  • The bathroom is much easier to clean when compared to other kinds of bathrooms. The acrylic material is easy to wipe and even more so if you have used glass with a lesser framework. Bathrooms with a lot of metal and walls need more cleaning as the metal rusts, and the walls become moldy. Tiles are also hectic to clean and more likely to harbor germs if not well scrubbed, and there are no nooks and crannies, hinges and hidden corners to clean too.
  • The bathroom saves much space for you and also creates an illusion of a more significant shower area thanks to the transparent glass or acrylic material. 
  • The bathroom comes with a considerable number of designs which allows you to pick soothing that will suit your fancy right off the shelf. The installation is fast when professionals do it meaning that your bathroom will be up and running in no time.


  • The floors are slippery, and it is advisable that you use a grip mat to avoid accidents.
  • Corner bathrooms are not cheap as most require to be custom made to fit your bathroom. You need to look into your budget and what is available for you before deciding to do the installation. Doing the installation yourself will not save money but risk the whole idea going south.
  • A corner shower stall allows moisture to seep through which ten makes the whole bathroom humid. It could make visibility a problem.


In as much as these corner bathroom installations are not cheap, they are worth every penny if you are working with small bathroom space. There are no better options in the market that will turn minimalist spaces into a haven of relaxation and a beautiful ambiance.