Tips for Becoming an Italian Citizen

The lure of Europe and especially Italy can be more than alluring. In fact, many people actively seek information on becoming an Italian Citizen. It isn’t a simple task, but there are several ways you can achieve this. Here are a few pointers for achieving this.

If you weren’t born in the country or adopted by an Italian citizen, becoming one will take an application. There are three main ways to gain Italian Citizenship:

  • Through marriage
  • Residency
  • Italian parents or grandparents (Lure sanguinis)

Citizenship by Marriage

You can apply for citizenship two years after the marriage ceremony and living in Italy. If there are children, it shortens to a year. If your spouse is Italian, but the two of you don’t live in Italy, you can still apply for citizenship. In this case, you must wait until three years after marriage.

Required Documents for Italian Citizenship Through Marriage

If you’d like to apply this way, there are a few documents you will need such as:

  • Italian photo ID.
  • Legalized translation of Legal Criminal Record Check.
  • Legal birth certificate with legal translation.
  • 200 Euro paid to the Minister of Internal Affairs and proof of such payment.

Citizenship by Residency

Expats living in the country legally can apply for citizenship. You need to live there for ten years before you can apply for citizenship. Once the time has passed, simply gather your official documents and apply.

Citizenship Through Parentage

There are many people who are lucky enough to have Italian parentage. For those people, there are a few requirements and then a simple application and correct documents are all that necessary. If your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather were Italian, you likely qualify.

Eligibility for Becoming an Italian Citizen Through Lineage:

Father is an Italian Citizen

As long as your dad was a citizen of Italy on the day of your birth, you are eligible to apply for your citizenship.

Mother is an Italian Citizen

If your mom was a citizen of Italy on the day you were born and you were born after 1948, you are eligible for Italian Citizenship.

Paternal Grandfather was an Italian Citizen

If your father was born in another country but your grandfather on his side was an Italian citizen on the day you were born, you’re eligible.

Maternal Grandfather as an Italian Citizen

If your mother was born in another country but her father was an Italian Citizen when you were born, and you were born after January 1, 1948.

Once you have filed all your documents there will be a waiting period before your official documents come through and are finalized. Once completed, you are free to enjoy all that Italy has to offer as an Italian.