Your leisure deck is an important part of your family’s activities. However, decks can be used for more than barbecues, entertainment, and relaxing in the sun. With the right strategies, the space beneath your leisure deck can be used as a storage space for your sports gear, tools, and important belongings that don’t have a place in your living area. Here are 3 ways to keep your deck space dry, protect your stored items, and use a reputable deck repair Orange County service.

Deck Membrane and Downspout Combo

A deck membrane is a plastic tarp-like mechanism that collects water as it falls through the deck boards. A downspout funnels the water out of the tarp and away from your storage space. This keeps the area beneath your deck dry through all types of wet weather conditions.

For gardeners and DIY enthusiasts, the water from your downspout can be collected an repurposed to water your plants, fill a homemade pond, or used to water animals.

Under-Deck Ceiling

Covering the unfinished side of your deck with plastic or corrugated aluminum panels creates a roof-life structure that seals the spaces between your deck boards and prevents leakage into the space below. A downspout or other mechanism allows the water to be channeled away from the deck area.

To install an under-deck ceiling, your deck repair Orange County service will build a frame and trough system to capture the moisture that rolls off of your deck. These systems are sturdy enough to create an under deck space that can be used as a comfortable semi-outdoor entertaining space.

Waterproofing Flanges

The spaces between your deck boards are designed to allow water to drain through. This is a vital part of protecting your decking material from corrosion and decay.  Deck flanges fill these spaces, which still allows water to drain naturally away from your stone or wood decking. However, instead of simply falling to the ground below, these devices divert the water towards the edges of the deck. While the outer edges may receive some moisture during heavy precipitation, the center area stays dry and safe from the elements.

Flanges are easy to install devices. Your deck repair Orange County technician uses a rubber mallet to pound the flanges into place at regular intervals. After installation, these devices can continue to protect your storage space for the life of your deck.

Don’t limit your ability to enjoy your leisure deck space. With some planning and the help of a qualified deck repair Orange County technician, you can increase the enjoyment of your outdoor space while making more room indoors for the things you really love.


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