You all may know that FIFA 19 is the most popular football game that offers some amazing features. But, you might be thinking that how you can compete efficiently in FIFA 19 having tougher competition and Career modes.

So In this short guide, I will be presenting you some basic tips, through which you can improve your gaming skills.

1. Timed finishing

Timed finishing is notably the latest mechanics in FIFA 19. Through which you can score various sublime goals. It allows you to shoot as you would in numerous other FIFA game. If you want to make a shoot with extra power and accuracy, then you should make a perfect contact in time.

For making a perfect shot, you need to do some practice in the arena. It is to be noted that this tip will not work if the ball is closer to you. Because the window to double-tap is really small to work. In this situation, hitting a shot is like giving a soft pass to the opponent.

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2. Do not mash the shoot button near the goal

In the six-yard box, when the ball is loose, most of the players try to smash the ball and pass it to their attackers. So, in FIFA 19 just try to avoid hitting the shoot button.

Due to timed finishing, if you continuously press the shoot button, then it will make your player slice your shit. As a result, you might miss a great goal chance. Just try to be patient and press the shoot button only once.

3. Driven cross

If you have a striker or wing all alone in the box, then the low cross will work great in this scenario. Well, if you want to pass the ball between defenders or just smash the ball from a difficult angle, then the driven cross will work best for you.

It seems really great when your striker gets the ball via the driven cross. Well, if you are witnessing a straight line to your attackers or defenders then just press the R1/RB and smash the cross button. Moreover, with the low cross, you can change the power, just to reach your teammate in the mean time.

4. Don’t neglect Quick Tactics

The fancy latest tactics system allows you to set individual strategies. These strategies can be set for the fiver mentalities from ultra-defensive to ultra-attacking. These strategies are really crucial to turn the tide of a match. You need to make sure that you should customize each mentality, just to protect your lead.

However, you should keep in view the quick tactics of FIFA 19. You can activate tactics via the D-Pad. Tapping up and then right will guide your fullbacks to move forward. However, pressing up and then left will guide your wings to reach the touchline. If you need to see all the options just head to Basic controls then tactics. Moreover, you can either press up or down in-game to see the defensive and attacking options.

5. Tap shooting

In FIFA 18, the driven shot is considered as one of the most reliable shot for scoring a goal. All you need to do is to power up your shot and tap the shoot button just before contact with the ball. But, it seems that you won’t be able to enjoy that shot in FIFA 19. It is due to the timed finishing system. So, in FIFA 19, you need to press the R1, L1 along with shoot to drive the ball slowly.

The drive shot is done by using a low-powered normal shot instead of power it up and press shoot before contact. You need to set almost one bar of power to launch low powered shot for scoring a perfect goal. Just make sure, that your attacker reaches the penalty. Because more the distance more time the keeper will have to defend the ball. As well, try to target the corners.

6. Master the first touch and volley move

Thanks to the introduction of first touches in FIFA 19, you can flick the ball in any direction via the right kick. If you are located at a particular position and the ball is coming straight forward to you, then you can flick it via right stick and guide it to the target. It is ideal for putting the ball around the defender and setting yourself for a volley.

Well, I will suggest you not to use this trick, if the defender is close to you. But, if you got some space to tackle the defender then this trick is wonderful for you. The perfect implementation will test the keeper for sure. Press the L2/LT for performing this acrobatic attempt.

Else, you can just click the right stick before the ball contacts you, which in result, the ball flicks straightly. However, the ball will stay closer to you instead of going high. For choosing the direction, you need to use the left stick. This trick will work best if the defender is at your back or if you have got some space to tackle the defender in front of you.

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