If the season of the Sacramento Farm to Fork Festival allows, you can choose a restaurant with terrace and garden, a restaurant on the lake or even an outdoor festival.

Another problem to consider is the parking spaces. Ask if the restaurant has reserved places. If you are interested in their number and also if the parking is guarded.

When you have finally decided on the location, start the discussion on the offer with the restaurant manager.

  • For some rooms, very luxurious and sought after, a tax is levied, the rent on the premises. Ask the head of the room if for the location you choose there is rent and, if there is, how much it is.

A second step is to set the menu. Most restaurants have certain preset menu types and their content varies according to price. Another important aspect in discussing the menu isdrinks. Most restaurants do not accept to come with drinks, but if you are lucky to find such a restaurant ask the head of the room how many bottles in each assortment are required for the number of guests you have. Youhave.

Ask how many waiters will be in the room during the party; ask if the number is sufficient for a good service. You have to keep in mind that many times, your guests will be upset if they are neglected by the waiters.

Also, set up with the head of the pay room for each one

Don’t forget to ask if the bride’s cake and coffee are included in the menu price. Even if they are, for more special decorations of the cake, an additional amount is often charged.

  • Also, ask the room manager if you are allowed to use a jumbo balloon containing confetti, indoor fireworks, etc. There are certain restaurants that do not allow these things.
  • Many restaurants reduce the volume of music by half after 23. Make sure that you will not find out about this process on the festival day, or to call the police several times a night by angry neighbors.
  • In the case of restaurants with terrace or garden, ask if they make it available to you for free or you have to pay extra.

As soon as you have agreed on these first details, conclude a contract with the respective restaurant in which to stipulate all the clauses discussed (some wardens have the habit of “forgetting ” a little before the festival certain services or favors that they havethey promised at the conclusion of the contract and they were not stipulated in the contract). Thus, for maximum safety, you enter in the contract the date of the festival, the fact that there is no closing time of the restaurant, a sketch of the menu with its price and the dishes and for restaurant safety tips

At the conclusion of the contract you will be asked for an advance, which must also be included in the contract. If you change your mind about the venue or cancel the event,unfortunately, the advance payment will not be refunded and  to know more about Sacramento restaurants .

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