Photography is a skill that learns throughout your life. You experience new things, explore new ideas, dig deep into your creativity and that’s what gives birth to excellent shots.

You need to be passionate about photography to be a successful photographer. Once you know the niche that interests you, you need to work towards it to get better. Every day you learn and add something new to your skillset.

To be a skilled photographer, you need to look at the world differently. That’s what separates a photographer from the rest of the people. Many renowned photographers have completely devoted their lives to the world of photography. Their contribution is immense. Their skills have no limits.

One such well-known photographer is Simone Lucatelli. This Italian photographer was interested in clicking pictures from a very young age. Photography seems to run in his blood as his father is a photographer as well.

He grew up watching his father doing his profession. He has always been very passionate about what his father did. It was one when he decided to choose photography as his profession. Only a few people are lucky to choose their passion as their profession. Simone Lucatelli is just one of them.

He started his career just 3 years back. He initially started with some private events then gradually started clicking models. It was just a matter of time that he got so involved in the field. He knew photography was his thing.

Soon after he started, he got the chance to work with some of the famous people in the industry and there was no looking back after that. He worked with famous models, celebrities and television characters. He also shot for many of the top fashion brands and television programs.

He is an amazing photographer. He has the skills to bring a picture to life. He is into fashion photography and you can see some of his incredible work in his Instagram account.

This year has been quite lucky for him as he got the chance to be in New York twice. The first time he was in New York was for a fashion shoot and the second time was for an Italian showgirl. He has also got job offers from places like Dubai and Egypt. He will soon be travelling to these places and many more to showcase his great skills.