Full Charge Bookkeepers Offer Financial Security For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Senior Tax Accountant, Certified Public Bookkeeper and Certified Business Credit Specialist, Dr. Joy Bennett recently announced the launch of her new apprenticeship program “Associates in Training”, which was developed by her as a way of giving back to the global bookkeeping and financial community in celebration of 25 years of owning her business and 36 years in the industry. Dr. Joy hosted a webinar to a group of applicants to explain the program www.pjopenhouse.com

The “Associates in Training” program was developed by Dr. Joy to help people who are interested in working as Full Charge Bookkeepers but do not have access to trade or vocational programs or didn’t have the privilege of learning how to become an asset to a company in handling their financial reporting in college. She hopes that people will be able to break into the industry by using the knowledge provided in her courses and her coaching, mentoring and training programs. The courses will equip applicants with the basic knowledge of bookkeeping, payroll, and income tax services, which can be used to start their career on the right foot and help small businesses make a sound financial decision, which is essential for growth.

Dr. Joy Bennett said, “The plight of today’s small business community and entrepreneurs is finding qualified workers to accurately report the financial transactions of their business while being able to strategically plan for the business’ growth and fiscal responsibilities. My aim is to help the individuals that would like to break into the industry by providing business coaching/mentoring, bookkeeping training and support and as a result, increase the number of qualified financial workers for the small business community.”

About the author: Dr. Joy Bennett, Senior Tax Accountant, Certified Public Bookkeeper and Certified Business Credit Specialist. Dr. Joy Bennett has spent the last 36 years in the financial industry working with individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses helping them from start-up, to redesign and streamline their operations. She has just launched a new “Associates in Training” apprenticeship program designed to train people who are interested in learning the fundamentals of bookkeeping, payroll and income tax preparation as well as provide on the job training to become Certified Public Bookkeepers.

For more information, please visit: www.pjopenhouse.com

Media Contact: Dr. Joy Bennett, info@pjfinancialgroup.com, Kansas City, Kansas