Plus-printers is the foremost brand in the designing, production and printing of customized sizes and solutions for your cigarette boxes because it’s not only a nicotine compulsion but a chic sign these days. Cigarette brands need to have outstanding and informational custom cigarette boxes in command to present their brand. We deliver your brand as a business with customized printed packaging boxes, to mollify the industrial and wide-ranging needs of the client. Quality of your cigarette packaging boxes leaves a decisive feature to keep the cigarette safe inside the packet, although, quality material is used for the packaging. We have the latest designs and production technologies that permit us to give high quality to our customers.

Design and shape for your custom cigarette boxes:

Cigarette boxes are generally rectangular with an opening upper lid for taking out the product. Cigarette box is designed in a way that it could contain dozens of cigarettes, as well as that the sizes are up to you. Besides, a special paper is added in cigarette boxes to prevent the taste of cigarettes from being smashed for a long-term period. On the other hand, if you have difficulty in the designing of best cigarette boxes, you don’t need to worry, we provide you free designer service that will help you to design your custom cigarette boxes with your desire

Printing on custom cigarette boxes:

Printing gave a touchstone to your entire product and almost, number of customers impressed with the printing on your custom cigarette boxes. Packaging that contains public service messages may elaborate on the loyalty of your company. You can also print out your company name, your license number, your signature and other information that makes your printed cigarette boxes more attractive, and proves your brand among the numbers of a brand. Usually two printing methods being followed at plus-printers.

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing

Beauty of offset and digital printing makes the packaging of your boxes top of the line. Whereas in digital printing, the selected image is transferred to the printing surface and in offset printing, the inked image is transferred to a rubber surface and then from the source to the printing surface. You can ask to decorate your packaging with CMYK, PMS, PVC window, embossing, debossing, gold/silver foiling and die-cutting. It depends on you what you want. We are also providing 2D and 3D on all custom boxes.

The material used for custom cigarette boxes:

Plus-printers provide you freedom for the selection of material, we can offer you cardstock, cardboard, Kraft, rigid and corrugated but for your custom cigarette boxes cardboard is mostly used. Furthermore, Kraft and cardstock are also applicable and the stock thickness of cardstock and Kraft is according to the US demand. Cigarette boxes that are manufactured with cardboard could recognize your tobacco brand. Our customized boxes manufactured with first quality and attractive material that remains your cigarette un-break and protect it from harmful effects.

Protection of your custom cigarette boxes: 

Coating means a lot for the protection because it is the layered process on your custom cigarette boxes after printing that protects your product from moisturization and other environmental effects. The coating must be including gloss or matte. Gloss offers shine to your product whereas matte gave a silent look.

Eco-friendly material:

It depends upon you what type of material you want for your packaging, Plus-printers will help you to stop global warming by providing you an environment-friendly material and helps you to save biodiversity. We fulfil all your demands approximately.

Free shipment and delivery: 

Plus-printers offer you free shipping all over in the US and Canada 24/7. We make sure that we deliver your product on committed time. We will take care of your printing boxes in turnaround time; we are responsible for the safety of your custom cigarette boxes until it reaches its destination. We can also offer you no die or plate charges.

Eventually, our customer care service is available 8-6 business hours to help you out. You can communicate about your product without any hurdles. Consequently, you can also visit to see our showcase and as well as the work done for other companies.

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