The Best That You Can Have Now in Trampoline

How to choose the right trampoline for sports, entertainment, children or family vacations? You must clearly determine for yourself for what purposes you are going to acquire it. You should also consider several important criteria so that it is sufficient in area, safe and does not break under the weight of the user. The use of the black friday trampoline happens to be the best there.

The form

Inflatable trampolines can be of any shape. Wireframes can be round, oval, polygonal or rectangular. The safest are round models, the most traumatic are rectangular.

Maximum load

  • Children’s trampolines are designed for a load of 50 to 70 kg.
  • Standard models for adults are designed for weight from 100 to 120 kg.
  • Professional withstand loads of 150 kg and above.

The size

  • Professional sports models: rectangular, length – 5 m, width – 3 m.
  • Amateur sports: round or rectangular shape, length, width and diameter from 1.5 m to 4 m.
  • Mini trampolines: round, diameter from 1 m to 1.4 m.

What are the criteria for choosing a trampoline?

Which trampoline to choose

To buy a suitable trampoline, it is enough to consider the following criteria:

  • Dimensions of the simulator and the jump zone. The larger the diameter, the broader the possibilities of the trampoline
  • On small models you can jump only one child, on medium – several children, and on the largest play catch-up and the ball.

Maximum load

Any trampoline has a load limit ranging from fifty to two hundred and twenty kilograms. If it is exceeded, the canvas will tear.


Indoor trampolines are protected from the effects of rain and wind, and therefore do not need to carefully select the coating material. Street models for a long time remain in the open air, where they are exposed to atmospheric precipitation and other adverse factors. Therefore, they must be coated with a material that allows moisture to pass through the hopping zone to prevent it from accumulating there and does not allow water to reach the springs to prevent corrosion processes.

The number of springs

In frame models, the tossing force depends on the number of springs that are attached to the web and frame. It can be from thirty-four to one hundred and eight pieces. The larger this number, the higher the user can bounce.

Thickness of protective mats

For a simple game, polypropylene mats with a thickness of ten millimeters to twelve millimeters are enough. For young children and sports, you need to look for trampolines with mats made of foamed polyethylene or foam rubber with a thickness of fourteen millimeters to eighteen millimeters.

Protective net

Its presence prevents the user from flying outside the trampoline, which can lead to serious injuries. The presence of this element is especially relevant for children aged three to eight years who have not yet learned how to calculate the trajectory of a jump.

The number of racks used to secure the fence

It can be from four to ten pieces. Four to six racks are enough for one child. Two users require eight racks. For simultaneous jumps of three to five children, trampolines for ten racks are required.


When buying a trampoline, you must make sure that you have a certificate of quality and warranty. The service life for these structures is from 1 to 5 years. Product life is set by the manufacturer. The seller must provide the necessary information about the product, including the life of the trampoline.