Since Ancient times man has existed on this planet. and had invented various mediums for entertaining themselves. Although time changed, the need for entertainment remained the same over the period. During the Covid-19 crisis, it required them to stay at home, but the cinema kept delivering happiness and joy to us. All Cinema halls and multiplex theatres were closed in the entire country. Digital platforms overtook the responsibility of thrilling us with vivid emotions. Multiple OTT platforms launched containing some of the best pieces of art witnessed by the audience ever. Raising the quality of cinema to new altitudes and increasing its standard and originality.

When we speak of quality content, Telugu movies are at the top of the table. Better known for original scripts and detailed direction.

Brand new only Telugu OTT platform. The Aha OTT platform was launched recently. Viewers can either watch movies online or download and watch them later at any time.

Here is a review of one of the most popular movies of 2021, Chaavukabarichallaga.

Chaavukabaruchallaga is the double love story of funeral van driver BasthiBalaraju who lives with his mother (Gangamma) and a bedridden father in Vizag. One day Basthi was delivering a dead body of a guy named Peter. Eventually falls in love with his widow, Mallika. Basthi confessed his love to Mallika and asked her to marry him. Mallika refused at first but later agreed due to his efforts.

Meanwhile, Basthi finds out about his mother having an affair with a guy (Mohan).

After understanding his mother’s emotions, Basthi agrees to the marriage of his mother and Mohan. Everything was going well. But destiny planned a tragedy, due to which Basthi’s mom died due to heavy blood loss. Even Mallika received another marriage proposal. She was forced to reject Basthi’s love. Basthi’s heart broke into pieces. He became a victim of depression. Mohan took the initiative and started taking care of Basthi and his bedridden father. Basthi soon became stable and started working at his mother’s corn shop at the beach. Later, Basthi met Mallika’s father-in-law Shekhar and tried to convince him to cancel Mallika’s marriage but Shekhar denied it. On the marriage day, Shekhar realizes his mistake and stops the wedding. A masterpiece representing that love has no boundaries.

This movie is streaming on the Aha OTT platform. Fulfilling demands of the audience by

providing suspense, comedy, and action movies. Aha OTT has also allowed talented newcomers to showcase their skills in various fields of writing, acting, and direction. Many veteran actors and directors have also tried something different through the Aha OTT platform. Aha OTT had multiple web series starring many famous actors and actresses.

You can also see your favorite celebrities performing some of the dark roles. Stories on Aha OTT could also horrify you to an extreme point.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Aha OTT and watch Telugu movies online with your family and friends? Aha OTT is a very user-friendly app easy to access.

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