There are many universities in India. However, JEE Main candidates always search for admissions to the country’s top engineering schools. Therefore, pay attention to the JEE Main preparation advice provided below to get into the college of your choice and achieve a higher rank.

● First, learn NCERT

The NCERT books, the foundation for JEE Main, are an excellent place to start. First, utilize the NCERT texts to create a strong conceptual and theoretical foundation. You should be aware that 60–70% of the NCERT textbooks are used as the basis for the JEE Main exam. Therefore, having a firm grasp of the subject matter is essential for JEE preparation. Once you’ve finished reading these books, start referencing other writings.

● Review Every Day and Dispel Doubts

You will memorize more as you practice. Your ability to recall crucial information and formulas will improve as a result of the revision, which will also increase your accuracy and problem-solving abilities

● Solve last year’s JEE exam questions.

It is crucial to practice answering JEE previous year’s exam questions. You can use this to understand each topic’s question format and scoring system. In addition, students might boost their problem-solving speed by working through old exam papers. Online questions and answers from prior years are readily available to students. These are also available for free download through the sources provided below.

● Positive Mentality

Always keep a positive outlook on life. Having faith in oneself. Keep your end in mind at all times. You might display such posters in your room and listen to inspiring speakers. You’ll have periods of low motivation. Don’t lose heart. Being in a relaxed mood is facilitated by a good diet and regular exercise. Avoid wasting time online and watching TV.

● Make concise revision notes.

Making your brief notes on a chapter as you study is highly advised. This ought to include essential information, shortcuts, and formulas. When you only have a few days until the exam, these notes will benefit you. You can review these notes and commit critical concepts and formulas to memory.

● Mock exams

On the NTA website, there are practice exams (National Testing Agency). These are also available on the websites of other educators. As you take more mock examinations, you will become more accustomed to the exam. This will make you feel more assured and approach the exam without tension. Try to complete the test within the allotted time. You can do this to enhance your problem-solving ability and effectively manage your time. Examine yourself after each practice exam. Finding your deficiencies will help you do better on your subsequent attempts.

Still, time to act. Be upbeat and begin your forward-moving task. The key to passing JEE Main and Advanced is understanding the fundamentals and adhering to the right strategy. Make your unique plan using the advice above. You will undoubtedly be accepted to your dream college if you stick to your strategy closely.

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