You have spent years in dental school, hoping to start a venture of your own. While providing quality dental care to your patients should be your prime objective, your financial security is as important. As a dental professional, you know your job, but running a dental practice in Irvine takes much more. Medical professionals may understand everything concerning their specialization, but they often don’t have the expertise to handle matters concerning business law. That’s when an Irvine Dental Attorney can help. In this post, we are discussing the services you can expect from an attorney.

Help with starting a dental practice

If you want to launch your practice, there are many aspects to consider. From choosing the right business entity to determining whether going for partnerships with dental professionals is a good idea, you have many goals to consider. There are also other tasks like discussing affiliations with health care networks and reviewing the lease documents. A dental law attorney can help with all that and ensure that your office is compliant with the codes as per the California Dental Practices Act.

Help with staffing concerns

Employment law is confusing and often hard to understand. Right from when you search for employees and negotiate contracts to ensuring compliance with applicable labor codes, your lawyer can be your trusted aide. They can also guide you on the hiring process, how you can avoid employment law issues in the future, and how to keep the practice policies updated.

Help with regulatory compliance

While all businesses need to deal with regulatory compliance, the healthcare sector is more regulated, and therefore, you have to be cautious about this aspect. If you don’t adhere to the practices and requirements, the consequences may include lawsuits, hefty fines, and even other types of legal action. Your dental law lawyer will guide you on the HIPAA requirements, rules and regulations as promulgated by Dental Hygiene Board, and relevant corporate practices. Lawyers are also skilled at matters concerning privacy, intellectual property, and minimizing and preventing data breaches.

Also, your dental attorney can help you deal with the transition and due process when it comes to buying or selling an existing practice in California. They can offer insights and accurate projections and help evaluate the pros and cons of various purchase agreements. No matter what contract or agreement you intend to sign, get your lawyer to review it once.

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