A Market Intelligence has the most up-to-date and accurate sales estimates because Viral Launch has the most comprehensive, real-time Amazon data in the industry, gleaned from our access to billions of Amazon data points. It is the only product research tool that will show you trends across an entire Amazon market, allowing you to make the best decisions possible. No other research tool combines estimated product sales with a full FBA calculator, displaying upfront investment and projected profits. Where does Market Intelligence get its sales estimates?

Our data scientists create sophisticated algorithms based on actual real-time and historical sales data to generate the most accurate Amazon sales estimates available anywhere. Market intelligence and market research are both essential components of creating an effective marketing strategy.

Neither is disposable, but they are not the same thing. People have come to use these terms interchangeably, as they have with many other marketing terms. Most of the time, someone will use one term incorrectly when referring to the other activity. Perhaps concepts are more important than punctuation. The terms are similar, but the methods for gathering research and data for each activity are distinct and serve different purposes.

Market Intelligence offers comprehensive Amazon analytics. Viral Launch Market Intelligence assists you in locating profitable products to source and sell on Amazon. AI-powered insights and billions of Amazon data points provide a seller with an advantage that no other tool can match.

While browsing products on Amazon.com, you can view historical trends, monthly sales, monthly revenue, keyword search volume, and much more.  Use this data to make smart sourcing decisions, discover previously unknown products, and launch or scale your e-Commerce business. To get started, sign in with your Viral Launch account or activate your free trial. If you have any problems, please contact our customer service team.

market intelligence amazon is a broader understanding of the market. This includes understanding the competition as well as the target audience. Market intelligence contributes to the development of marketing strategies and positions. You can’t know where your brand stands in the market unless you first understand the market and where your competitors stand. Creating a marketing position informs the services you provide and the target audiences you should cater to.

The relationship between data analytics and research

What are the distinctions between marketing research and marketing analytics? Marketing research frequently includes data analytics, but it also includes more. Data analytics are important for small to medium-sized businesses, but they may not yield consistent results due to a massive amount of data that is not being considered. There is a wealth of data at your disposal, as well as a plethora of tools to assist you in analyzing it. Marketing research can help smaller businesses fill knowledge gaps.

Marketing research is the path you’d take to help answer the questions that analytics can only guess at.

To help answer those questions, you could conduct a survey or follow up with customers. You could play around with the landing page or messaging. You could also include market research in your data set, which is not the same as marketing research. Your marketing research is solely focused on your current marketing strategy and the hows and whys of whether it is yielding results. Market research, on the other hand, will provide you with information about the market as a whole, which can provide insights into why certain campaigns perform differently.

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