Beautifully designed shops and attractive displays are essential for catching the customers’ eyes and increasing sales. For that to be implemented, a retail store needs the right store supplies. Equipment Magasin Displetech has been a proven leader in-store supplies and displays in North America since 1996. Some game-changing display techniques are illustrated in the following section.


Shop mannequins are probably the most extensively used store design for clothes, shoes, and many other items. They breathe life into the retail windows, and each one tells a different story.

  • Displetech’s long-limbed egghead mannequins add an aura of sophistication to the store environment.
  • The vibrant blue or pink mannequins add a youthful charm to the shop windows.
  • Mannequins are an excellent visual merchandising tool that brings clothing to life and appeals to the customers.

The mannequin’s come in 3 types, i.e., fiberglass female, fiberglass male, and fiberglass children.

Shop Multi-System

Standing out from the crowd and creating a sense of professionalism, it is a system that allows you to offer an array of accessories that customizes and maximizes floor space. It is a versatile system for the efficient marketing of products. It is ideal for retail merchandising products, advertising, and point of sale promotions. It has three categories:

  • Standard and outrigger posts multisystem
  • Gondolas and Merchandisers
  • Shelves and Accessories System

Shop Slatwall

Slatwall is a building material in shops extensively used for shopfitting for wall coverings or display fixtures. At Displetech, there are as many as 56 options to choose from for Slatwall. The unpainted Slatwall comes in 4’*8,’ and the price starts from $76.99.

Shop Hangers

Be it at homes or shops, and hangers play a vital role in hanging and displaying clothes. Displetech has a wide variety of wholesale hangers. The plastic hangers come in black, white, or transparent colors, and the wooden one comes in black, white, maple, and mahogany colors. Its sizes vary from xs to xxxl.

Idea jab

The idea jab is a revolutionary fixture system that needs no money for its space. Its main features are mobility, flexibility, and functionality. It is a modern yet timeless concept that can be used both for commercial and residential applications.

Shop Jewellery displays

An eye-catching showcase is a right displayer to increase jewelry sales like necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings. At Displetech, necklace displays, metal, and acrylic trays are available for organizing and displaying jewelry in a retail store.

The proper display technique and design are of utmost importance to attract people into the shop. So first plan it out and then contact Displetech to get quality products at the best prices.

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