The nuts, sleeves and threaded rods are common elements in the adjustment and connection of removable elements (machinery, furniture, etc.).

The nuts are cylindrical shaped mounting hardware with a hole in the center where a metric screw is attached. There are different types and uses.

The rods fulfill the same function as a screw and are used when screws of the size we are looking for are not found. They are also widely used for fastening roof downpipes or in the placement of smoke evacuation pipes in traditional or pellet stoves.

Rods And Sleeves

There are threaded rods of different materials and sizes. The rods can be shortened with a jigsaw, hacksaw or grinder if the rod is very thick; or can be lengthened, with the sleeves.

Steel rods are generally cheaper than brass rods, although the latter and stainless steel rods are recommended for outdoors or spaces exposed to moisture.

The same applies to sleeves with regards to the material from which they are made. Regarding the size, choose the sleeve adjusted to the diameter of the rod you are going to use, always taking into account the internal threaded diameter.


The nuts ensure the fixing of the screws. To ensure a safety function, buy rail nuts to fulfill the work of protecting the materials against damage associated with rubbing. Like the rods, the nuts can be made of steel or brass. There are nuts of various shapes, whose function will be different. Below, we will see some of them:

  • Self-locking: It performs a screw locking function.
  • Washer: Used to prevent the screw from loosening and to fasten more securely.
  • Hexagonal: It is the most used and most simple.
  • Blind: It has an aesthetic and safety function since it is placed at the ends of the screw shaft to improve the aesthetic finish and prevent the screw thread from damaging with rubbing.
  • Butterfly or moth: They are the easiest to use since they do not require a tool for handling. Very useful in situations where the screws have to be loosened and tightened regularly.
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