What The Future Holds For Marketing?

Marketing is simply selling one’s product to a prospective buyer. But it is not just that. It involves a number of processes like marketing research and advertising. Marketing has been done for a long time but with MBA becoming popular, institutes and universities like Centurion University of Technology and Management started conducting specialized marketing course which has evolved to a great extent now. A crucial part of marketing is building relationships. With time, technology also changes. Technology has a great impact on everything including marketing. Let’s take a look at how marketing will like in the future.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Firms have been making substantial progress in Augmented and Virtual reality scenarios. It is something that has existed for quite some time now but still hasn’t realized its full potential. Still, in this nascent form, AR and VR technologies manage to make people’s jaw drop. Firms like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. have been shelling out huge sums of money on these technologies. If colleges like Centurion University of Technology and Management can include this in their curriculum, a number of candidates seeking Centurion University of Technology and Management admission will increase multiple folds.

The reason AR and VR technologies hold such potential in marketing is that it helps customers experience a product before buying them. You can see how that expensive sofa will look in your living room, even before buying it. That’s just one example. The potential of AR/VR technologies in marketing is endless.

Marketing Through Influencers

Influencer marketing is the marketing of products through famous social media personalities, commonly known as influencers. It is more cost-effective compared to regular advertising methods. Also, people have lost faith in regular advertisements because they lack transparency and authenticity. Therefore, influencer advertising is gaining traction. It is already in existence to some extent but its true potential is yet to be realized. There is a need to find better ways to target influencers that are more apt for advertising your products. Finding influencers that customers find authentic is also a challenge.

Marketing via Videos

Videos are the most eye-catchy and effective way to market your product. Short videos can better influence your audience than blogs, for example. Live videos are also gaining traction and finding ways to market your products through live videos is a big challenge. With the fee colleges charge, like Centurion University of Technology and Management fee structure, adding video marketing to the curriculum should not be too difficult. This can prepare the students better for the challenges of the future.

Voice Recognition

With devices like Alexa and Google Home gaining popularity around the globe, there’s already a huge audience to this technology. Fine-tuning the Artificial Intelligence to better respond to the queries of customers and better speech recognition is the challenge that lies ahead. Connecting to customers via voice also evokes kind of emotional connection, thereby making the experience more personal. With about 50% of all searches being voice searches, there lies a huge potential in this field. Colleges like Centurion University of Technology and Management can include this in their curriculum to help students gain an upper hand in this technology of the future.

Role of Music in Marketing

Jingles have been used for very long to market the products. Think of any good marketing campaign and you will immediately remember the music that played in the advertisement. Music helps brands to convey the mood in a much better fashion than any other thing. The more appropriate the music, the deeper is the connection established with the customer.

The Road Ahead

With all these upcoming trends that we just discussed, there’s no denying that traditional marketing by building better personal relationships, is here to stay. But if institutes and colleges teaching marketing are better able to recognize these upcoming technologies, they can surely make their students much more future-ready than their counterparts. Adding courses like Influencer Marketing or video marketing to the curriculum or giving the training to use the AR/VR technologies to better market the products, can serve as a step to better the prospects of their students with respect to future technologies. This will not only make them industry-ready but will also make them the marketers of the future.