Best Categories To Write On This 2020

2020 has seen a huge, unexpected shift in the lifestyle of people across the world. To reflect this dynamic change, you need to write on the topics that are relevant and have been impacted the most. Here are some of the best categories to write on this 2020. 


  • Health and Fitness – As the gyms closed up for the pandemic, people are desperately finding alternatives for their daily routine that they can do at home. The internet is a huge source of help for people like these as they get to know various training tips from the experts. Sitting at home all day is detrimental to health, and promoting an active lifestyle is something that people would be thankful for. 



  • Finance – The worldwide economic crisis has thrown a curveball on everyone. During these uncertain times, people throng the internet to search for financial tips and current updates on the financial sector, making this a good category to write on. 



  • Politics – With major elections coming up this year and the changes in various policies, politics is a ground-breaking topic during the otherwise bleak year of 2020. Big decisions are being taken often and people want to find out how they would impact their lives. 



  • Fashion – The fashion industry has taken a huge turn during this single year. With most people staying and working from home, the sales of apparel have gone down considerably, resulting in an incredible change of style. For 2020, glamour is out and comfort is the key. 



  • Food – Almost everyone tried their hand out in cooking this year, with quarantine providing them with ample time to experiment in the kitchen. Culinary creations are finally being appreciated as a form of art. Cooking has acted as a therapeutic activity to many and soared into the trending charts this year. 



  • Parenting – A boom in the population is expected thanks to the lockdown. This makes it a perfect time to start researching and writing about parenting techniques and essentials. This would greatly help those anxious parents to know more about all the things they need to know to raise a happy and healthy baby. 



  • Business – With unemployment on an all-time high, people are starting their entrepreneurship ventures from the comfort of their homes. E-commerce markets have higher importance now more than ever as everything is happening online. This makes business a good topic to write on. 


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