What’s the perfect way to explore a new town? Food and food, Naturally! And Indonesians know!

Apart from being known as the town of the arts and culture, Yogyakarta is famous for its distinctive and delicious experience for you to gulp down!

As they state, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, so in the event, you would like to experience authentic dining resembles, how do you not combine them on the mats?

And the food is so great that we are not ashamed to admit that occasionally, we even ended up with three breakfasts! So here we go, here’s our best (mainly tried and tasted) recommendations!

Mie Ayam Bu Tumini, Addictive Chicken Noodles Cooked in Secret Sauce!

This chicken noodle stall wins the heart of everyone if it’s not packed to the brim and a day is not. As topping chooses between chicken feet or chicken bits, you may even opt to their additional poultry choice, go for a jumbo bowl or just a portion! The sauce is sweet and thick, creamy and savoury with a peanut aftertaste!

Suggestion for you, get an additional plate of bok choy across the side! You’ll have to queue and struggle, but the wait is remarkably worth it!

Baksonya Bakso Maharani

Besides the bakso at Bakso Klenger, Jogja hides some other yet super Instagrammable bakso dishes that seem to be as yummy as it looks, something that stands out of the soup. Prepare to see large things! In Baksonya Bakso Maharani, you may enjoy the most recent bakso with a twist, which is served with entire bone marrow (Bakso Sumsum). You may also drink from it while its flavours infuse in the tantalizing broth (it even comes with a straw!). We all know, we know… bone broth… a miracle cure for many ailments! Another unusual find is their Bakso Mozzarella — a giant meatball served using overflowing mozzarella filling, so this isn’t to be overlooked if you’re a cheese lover!

Bakmi Mbah Mo

This is what we screamed after taking heartwarming Bakmi in the very first slurp. They’ve got two versions (dry or soupy), and we all tried them. Look, scrambled eggs are blended to the broth. Also, your noodles are topped with a scattering of spring onions for this kick and chicken! It is a casual eatery, so don’t have high expectations on seating that is comfy. However, you can enjoy a live cooking encounter and watch every piece of your Bakmi!

Wedang Ronde Mbah Payem

Although this may look to you as a dessert, know that local Javanese enjoy it like a roadside beverage — but also very pleasant; be ready to try something exotic! True to Java, filled with balls, also wedang ronde is constructed from sweet glutinous rice balls soaked in hot ginger flavoured syrup, water, sprinkled with a couple of peanuts. Since it’s served warm, the drink is enjoyed to warm you up. Even the “Ronde” (round glutinous rice balls) is usually white or green — coloured naturally from suji leaves and pandan leaves. These greeneries may almost entirely be located in Asia!

Fresh fruit (such as avocado) with tepid! — Es Buah PK

We can not thank the person who devised this dessert — that dates back into the early 70s! This roadside booth abounds in shaved ice dessert, but not the traditional type, as they serve it together with an ample amount of freshly sliced fruits like avocado, coconut and pineapple. Not to forget, the secret syrup concoctions (seemingly chocolate condensed milk) and grass jelly cubes. This is something for the sweet tooth. Where else could we find road dessert using avocados!? Anybody can’t resist the pleasure it offers, especially in the scorching hot weather! Another bowl, please! The stall also sells noodles and meatballs (bakso); so if you are here for lunch, you got your dessert sorted!

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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