Will your injury be eligible for workers’ compensation?

If you get injured while working, you might be eligible for getting workers’ compensation, however, since it is a tricky issue, it is best to hire a good workers compensation lawyer in Phoenix to get the compensation that you deserve.

What is workers’ compensation?

If an employee is hurt during doing something for the benefit of the employer, they are entitled to get some benefits of workers’ compensation. You will be eligible for compensation if your injury or illness is a result of something related to your employment. There are some set rules and regulations regarding these benefits, there are also some grey areas that can be handled better if you have a good lawyer.

Let’s have a look at some of these grey areas that result in confusion among employees.

Injuries during lunch break

Generally speaking, if you are hurt when you are on your lunch break, it will not be covered under the compensation; that being said, there can be some exceptions to it. An example of a lunch break injury that will be considered work-related would be if you are picking up lunch for your boss. If you are having lunch on the company’s premises in the break and you get hurt, then you will be eligible for the compensation, however, if that break is not an approved one, then you will not be eligible.


There is some confusion about whether getting injured during coming for work or from work will count as a work-related injury. If a person gets injured while commuting to or from the office, it is not included in the compensation. However, there are some exceptions applicable here, if you are driving a vehicle that belongs to the company, you are on a business trip, you are running some errands for the employer, or you are using your own car for something that is business-related.

Events by the company

Many times the companies get involved in special events by sponsoring them, these events can be parties, some games, etc. If you get injured while attending these events, you can be eligible for worker’s compensation. However, if your company doesn’t require you to be present there and you are attending that event in an independent capacity, then you will not be able to claim compensation for your injury.

These are some areas where people have confusion, we hope that we were able to clear the confusion for you.