Being too careful, will not assure of our safety on the road at all times, considering we will be driving with all types of drivers out there. Thus, it is always best to be knowledgeable on what to do if ever we will end up with one. First of all, you should always have a phone number of a Rockford Auto Accident Lawyer as they have the best team of lawyers that can help you the most in such situation. 

  • If you are just conscious like it is the other party who is more injured, you should seek out for a witness right away. Get his contact number and ask him there and then what he witnessed. It is best to record his testimony as well. 
  • Document everything. Take pictures of the situation like your car, the other cars as well as the injured party if he will allow it. The said pictures will be your proof of what really happened. Who knows if the other party will fabricate some stories just to make you the bad guy or to extort more money from you!
  • As much as possible, you should not voluntarily admit that you are at fault. Talk only with the presence of your lawyer. He will be the one to advise you on what to say that you should not fabricate stories as well. 
  • Don’t spill out the details in social media, especially when investigation is still going on. Your insurance company might not like it and you can’t get your claims. 

It is without a doubt that being in an accident can cause a lot of headaches. Thus, it is important that you have someone to rely on like a reliable lawyer. He can stand for you and deal with tough situations. 


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