Amongst so many programing languages available, PHP continues to be the most famous in the web development world. In the PHP language, you have several frameworks which are different even though they are built for the same language. Your project determines which framework type you will need and what skills your Software Development Company should possess. For instance, business level apps need you to appoint Symfony developer while scalable web apps are greatly suited for cakePHP developers

As the technology world is constantly evolving, PHP remains popular. Till date, PHP programming hiring is quite in demand and is needed for big projects. Where a lot of languages have become obsolete, PHP still stands strong. It is because of its multiple frameworks in the language which keep it in vogue. Take a closer look at PHP and find out about its renowned framework CakePHP.

Before entering the specifics, first you should know what is CakePHP all about. It is an open source framework for PHP programming. In the beginning, the framework was only used for promotional use for products. But with the passage of time, CakePHP has discovered its own niche. With more than 200,000 websites using CakePHP, one could understand its fame. But, what makes it so appealing?

  1. Cakephp framework development services require less code in comparison to any other PHP frameworks. Hence it gets simpler for the CakePHP developers to finish their projects easily and quickly.
  2. The modern PHP framework is used in both small and big projects and database system.
  3. CakePHP has been used in several web application development projects such as Vamcart, Croogo, QuickApps etc.
  4. One of the most important benefits of working with CakePHP i.e. an open source framework is its quick application development.
  5. It has an active developer community which makes the codes simple to use.
  6. With cakephp framework development services, developers have the basic structure they require to commence a project in a particular structure and concentrate on the minute details related to your application.

So, php development firm love to use this framework to develop all kinds of big or small, easy or complex projects. As per a recent study, PHP is still going well amongst the developers. In fact it ranks 7th in the list of most used programming languages in the present time.

So, what is the reason behind PHP maintaining its relevance? One of the major reasons PHP remains to be a very popular language is due to its modern edge. It is very simple to use, and has a powerful framework which lead the developers of PHP development firms to select it for a variety of projects. The release of CakePHP has served more like a reincarnation of the language, thereby providing PHP the competitive edge it requires. So, the framework continues to serve the developers with simplicity, innovativeness and ease on their most famous projects, thereby living up to their expectations.

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