There are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing a Slingo game for you. In this article, we have provided a detailed list of different types of games available on Slingo.

Here is a list of Slingo games that are available to play online.

  • Slingo Extreme :-

The aim of Slingo extreme is that the players should complete Slingos ( lines ) in order to win points. If he or she matches the number on the reel with the number on the grid, then they can win a prize.

Each player that play these games has 11 spins. Extra 8 spins can be purchased by the player depending upon the number of potential wins that they have. Prizes can also be given if the player land on either one of the symbols.

In Slingo Extreme game your score can be multiplied by 1000 X.

  •  Slingo reveal :- 

 This is kind of a different variation of Slingo game where your score can be multiplied my maximum of 10,000 X.

In Slingo reveal player will have to scratch their card and then match any five numbers in order to win a symbol from any of these numbers.

If you want to win then, you will have to collect 3 of the same symbols that may result for you to win the game and get more exciting prizes from the fame such as instant money transfer and in-game currency etc.

  •  Slingo Fortunes :- 

 Slingo fortune is just like Slingo deal or no deal where there are no numbers on a grid only envelopes which have numbers written on them.

The player will have to select the envelope of that number which he gets after spinning the reel. There is a 5 X 5 grid in which you have to play in order to win.

When you complete 4 Slingos, then you will have the option of redeeming multipliers which you can use at any time of your liking that can increase your score.

At the end of the game, you will have an option where you can take the amount that you won and leave with the envelope, or you can continue to play the game.

  •  Slingo lucky streak:-

 This game is based on an Irish theme where even the numbers are put up on the leaf and then put up on the grid.

You will have two lives when you start the game, and if you choose a leaf with a number, then you score points.

After each spin you do if you land on a leaf with a number then your game life is safe; otherwise, you will lose your life and also the game.

  •  Slingo adventure:-

 It is a type of Slingo game that is set up in space and has a very old theme and is made for the retro computer of the old times.

You will begin your game from 1 row and will have to match the number in that row with the number in the grid on order to win.

Then you can either create an X on the grid or a T which will grant you extra points and multipliers. You can also do a full house where you can win many prizes.

I hope this article provides you with information about variation in Slingo game.

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