Truck Accident Claims Are More Complicated: Here’s Why

Getting involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident can be traumatic, but truck accidents often result in the most overwhelming outcomes. If you suffered injuries in a truck accident in Stockton, you should consider seeking legal advice immediately. People often fail to understand that getting a fair settlement from the insurance company won’t be an easy task. A Stockton truck accident attorney can help you recover the right compensation for your losses. In this post, we are discussing why truck accident claims are so complex.

Understanding the injuries

Commercial trucks are often responsible for the most devastating mishaps on the road. Because these vehicles are huge in size, the impact on regular passengers can be shocking. To add to that, many commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are often overloaded, which only causes the worst outcomes. People often suffer distressing injuries like multiple fractures, disfigurement, and loss of a limb, and therefore, the eventual settlements for truck accident claims are considerably higher.

Proving liability is difficult

More often than not, even lawyers have a hard time proving who is at fault for the accident. It could be related to the driver’s negligent behavior, shipping errors, overloading, or even vehicle defects. As such, it makes sense to investigate the accident thoroughly to find liability. You need an attorney because they can do that efficiently. For instance, a truck driver may have caused the accident, but it could be the trucking company at fault because they didn’t adhere to protocols when hiring drivers.

Dealing with the insurance company can be hard

Big insurers back trucking businesses, and these insurance companies don’t care for claimants or what the victims have endured. The insurance adjuster will do their best to make you believe that your case is only worth what they are offering, and since you are already in financial distress, you may end up accepting what is on the table. Hiring an attorney becomes even more necessary because dealing with the insurance company is an uphill task. If the claims adjuster tries unusual tricks to deny your claim or undermine your injuries, your lawyer can fight for your case.

Final word

Not all personal injury lawyers in Stockton deal with truck accident claims and lawsuits. Do your homework to find a law firm that wouldn’t mind going out of the way to get you justice. The good news is you will only pay the truck accident lawyer when you get a settlement.