The new era has already shown that it is very marked by the remote. Companies are setting aside traditional formats and the home office is a trend that is becoming stronger in the corporate world. However, working from home is not just a joy – having an environment that is conducive and that helps you maintain concentration and productivity are essential for work to remain constant.

For that to happen, the main thing is to have a specific space to work – be it a desk in the corner of the room or a complete home office. Setting up the perfect workplace design is not difficult. You just need to follow the secrets below.

Do a self-assessment

The needs and specifics of a home office vary according to the resident’s profession. A designer’s office has different characteristics from that of a telemarketing agent, for example. Self-assessment will define the characteristics of the space and it is important for residents to develop a program for their professional life.

Does the home office need to be separated?

It depends. It all depends on the possibilities of the resident and, again, who is the professional who will work. Self-assessment is important, knowing what your profession needs and what your family structure looks like. If you have small children, it is better to have a room just for the office.

How to organize office supplies?

The tip to keep everything organized is to separate all office items and prepare them by categories and keep them in drawers, boxes, folders, drawer dividers or other organizing products. To make searching easier and you spend less time, identify the content with tags. You can allocate a folder with dividers and put the bills in a dividing house.

Provide the equipment you need

There is no rule of “you must have this or that”. Each profession needs specific equipment and the requirements of each profession will determine the measures that the resident must take. If your friend has a home office, you can buy specific electronic gifts for him according to his profession.

Can my office be in the bedroom?

It is best that the office and bedroom are separated. If the resident has the possibility, it is important not to work in the bedroom to be able to put limits between personal and professional life. The ideal is for the home office space to be in a room with a specific entrance door, separate from the bedroom.

Have comfortable furniture

You will spend a lot of time working for low-income support, so having comfortable furniture and chairs are essential. Many professionals want to take advantage of a table in the living room, and forget that they do not have the appropriate measures for the job. A comfortable chair is also a gold item. Have a well-lit, pleasant and ventilated place – if possible, with air conditioning. Nothing prevents you from having your music, as long as it doesn’t hinder your performance. Your workspace needs to absorb your needs and make you productive.

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