In the process of canning foods for widespread distribution, a large variety of electromechanical equipment is required to get products from the farm to the table. Much of this equipment is automated with the assistance of machine operators.

From equipment that performs food selection and washing, to machines that sterilize, pasteurize, and cook, to final canning and packaging – it is the job of a cannery mechanic to keep this equipment operating in good condition.

What Does a Cannery Mechanic Do?

A cannery mechanic works under the supervision of a lead mechanic to maintain and repair the mechanical equipment that is common in canneries, such as cookers and syrupers.

When a piece of equipment fails or needs regularly scheduled maintenance, it is the job of a cannery mechanic to complete these tasks.

Another part of the job entails looking at ways to reduce the frequent equipment breakdowns and prioritize which equipment needs work first in relation to keeping production processes running smoothly.

If you are familiar with cannery machinery and enjoy repairing equipment, can perform quality welding, and are very familiar with machine shop tools, then a career as a cannery mechanic can be the perfect job for you.

What Skills Does are Required?

A wide skill set is required, but if you’ve worked on cannery equipment or other food and beverage processing machinery before, then you most likely possess many of the qualifications already.

The ability to read the manufacturers’ assembly prints and follow equipment operating instructions is important. Also, knowledge in troubleshooting and testing equipment, along with cutting and assembling mechanical equipment is necessary.

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