Eclectic Features of the Bertoia Bar Stool That Work With Any Interior

If you’re looking to mix up different style influences in your home, look no further than the Bertoia Bar Stool. Whether your kitchen is set apart from surrounding rooms or an integral part of your dining/living room, introducing changes can be challenging both in terms of style choices and budges. As you’re well aware, re-doing and replacing kitchen elements requires more investment than other parts of your home. After all, a kitchen is a high-traffic, high-stress area of a home that needs to fulfill many purposes within a relatively small space. As a result, any furnishings used in your kitchen need to be the highest of quality to meet the demands, and effective style-wise to secure a pleasant ambiance. The choice of chairs in your home is important to highlight the style and enable sufficient seating. The Bertoia Bar Stool is one of the best furnishings to use if you want to be creative and experiment with different styles. Here’s how you can incorporate the Bertoia Bar Stool into different interiors:

Classic Kitchen

Classic kitchen designs introduce a tint of retro chic into otherwise modern designs and shapes. They are generally up-to-date, simple, and elegant. With a classic kitchen, the neutral shapes may come off slightly too plain and mellow, and you may desire to add an accent and light up the ambiance. The Bertoia Bar Stool will flatter any classic kitchen island or bar thanks to its simple structure, while the polished stainless steel surface adds a luxurious feel and the touch of elegance. Color-wise, both silver and gold tones of the stool stand out without needing coordination.

Updated Rustic Kitchens

If you love a kitchen that looks slightly dated and worn down, rustic kitchens have that particular distressed charm that showcases a free-spirited personality. On the other hand, you may not want your kitchen to look aged completely, which is why adding a fresh-looking element like the Bertoia Bar Stool is a great idea. The fashionable, elegant stool will contrast your distressed kitchen in a very flattering way, enhancing the charm of the aged surfaces.

Eclectic Kitchens

Eclectic kitchens are often an artistic blend of traditional kitchen cupboards combined with modern tables and accessories, or modern kitchen layouts with the added twist of retro vintage electronics, tables, and chairs. Wherever you go with styling your eclectic kitchen, the Bertoia Bar Stool equally balances the vintage and modern in its design, making it a perfect, effortless choice for your bar or kitchen island. The structure of the legs of this stool carries a bit of retro, while the futuristic design of the seat brings the design into the present day.

Creating a fun, nice-looking kitchen requires knowledge and skill to implement quality additions and place them strategically in order to create a harmonious scene. Whichever your choices in style may be, the Bertoia Bar Stool enables maximum utility with the least energy expense in planning and coordinating.