If you have been thinking of becoming a doula, you might want to learn about the responsibilities of this job. In fact, we would not even call it a job, even though it sounds like a major one. This is because only an empathetic person can become an excellent doula.

You can read hundreds of articles on how to become a doula, but there are only a few write-ups and blog posts on the things or roles a doula is expected to perform. Well, let us begin with enlightening you about the same:

  • A doula has to emotionally support an expecting mother: Pregnancy is not an easy stage in a woman’s life, even though she opts to get pregnant. A doula has to provide utmost emotional support to a pregnant woman and console her whenever she is low or is going through her mood swings. She has to keep her happy and mentally safe.
  • A doula has to physically support an expecting mother: Even during the birth of the child, the doula has to be present and provide support to the pregnancy woman.
  • A doula has to provide education to an expecting mother: There are things that a pregnant woman is barely aware of. This is where a doula comes into the picture to educate her about everything she needs to know.
  • A doula has to ensure to make pregnancy worth remembering for the expecting mother: A doula has to make pregnancy a good memory for the mother.
  • A doula has to help a new mother too: Sometimes, pregnancy does not seem as difficult as being a mother to a newborn. It is a new phase in the life of a woman and thus, she may need someone to help her with everything.
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