For safety purpose a garage is provided with a door. It could be for residential houses or commercial building. In both cases the styles of garage doors are quite different. The main aim is ‘to be safe’ and this priority is common for both residential and commercial purposes but the difference lies with the-

  • Appearance
  • Materials used
  • Weight and height
  • Capacity of opening
  • Lastly, Cost
  1. Appearance- The looks and appearance of residential garage doors are more important than the commercial ones. The businessmen do not focus on the appearance of the garage doors as the garage is important for its function. But on the other hand the residential homeowners want their garage gates to look attractive with coordination to their house. Each and every design, window and colour is carefully selected for residential garage doors.
  2. Materials used- Homeowners decide their garage doors to be made of wood, fibreglass which accordingly look better with the remaining house. On one hand wooden doors can restrain and on the other hand steel doors are durable. Garage doors for commercial purposes use only stainless steel or aluminium materials to be constructed.
  3. Weight and height- It is obvious that the height of commercial doors will be more than the height of residential doors. There are no standard sizes of commercial doors but residential garage doors have standard size.
  4. Capacity of opening- The garage doors for commercial buildings are quiet often opened and closed so the capacity for these doors are more than residential garage doors as they are opened for two to three times in a day. The capacity of opening residential garage doors is less in caparison to the commercial ones.
  5. Cost-The commercial garage doors are quiet expensive to install as well as repair. This is because of the security function and the size of the gates installed. Whereas the residential doors for garage are not than expensive. It is affordable and within the budget of the homeowners.
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