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Having become essential when it comes to finding an internship or a job, the network facilitates its entry into the job market. This word, which has become fashionable, sometimes frightens young people worried about being left to their own devices, without professional contact. Here are some tips and tricks to become the best networker and thus increase your chances of finding a job.

What Is A Network?

When we talk about the network, a prejudice constantly arises: Today, anyway, you have to be supportive to enter the world of work and obtain the best positions. In colloquial language with a pejorative connotation, the piston designates the means of obtaining a position thanks to the good relations maintained within or outside a company. The piston is often frowned upon because it implies that an employee’s success does not come from the quality of his work. But, that she only derives from her sympathy and cordiality towards the management. This is so true for selling merchant services  as well.

However, what is more commonly called the network is one of the essential concepts to launch a professional career. No young person out of school, whatever his chosen field, will be able to escape it. The network is first and foremost the group of individuals previously encountered in both personal and professional life. Networking is therefore neither more nor less than the fruit of meetings made in a bar on Thursday evening, on a discussion forum on the Web or during his first seasonal job. The network can be established in a relational way that is to say by physical meetings, but also thanks to the development of new technologies and the Internet. This is called a virtual network. It is the latter that is strongly encouraged for the less friendly who do not dare to disturb someone in a face to face relationship. The network is, ultimately, a career accelerator.

Everyone Networks

Breaking the myth of “I don’t know anyone around me” goes without saying. Sometimes overlooked, the network surrounds all of us. Indeed, except to have lived like a hermit withdrawn of the civilization the first two decades of his life, each person can use his network, however modest it is. The latter begins with the close entourage. It could be family from his own parents to the most distant of his cousins ​​or high school or college mates. Relatives are the first network. Asking for advice on buying a phone from friends on a social network and getting answers is already a way of making a network play. It is also the easiest to maintain because it induces proximity and trust that is already well established. If the personal entourage is not enough to obtain a job, there remains the professional network. This one is more delicate because it requires will and courage.

A Supplement to the Application

In an increasingly competitive context, the simple sending of an application consisting of a curriculum vitae and a cover letter is no longer sufficient these days. Faced with mountains of applications, the recruiter may favor people with whom he has worked or, profiles that he has seen on so-called professional social networks. To put the odds on your side and hope to land the job of your dreams, it becomes crucial to network.

And, venturing into the world of finance, if you’re pondering how to start a payments company, you must begin with comprehensive planning. Research the market, competition, and legal requirements. Secure funding, build robust technology, and cultivate partnerships. Nurturing customer trust and delivering secure, efficient payment solutions is paramount to your success.