Technology has completely changed the way we do things daily. People prefer cashless transactions in well-developed countries like Japan, and cryptocurrency has expanded its reach since the release of Bitcoin. More and more coins are gaining popularity these days, including Ripple produced by a company called Ripple Labs. Firms like Landmark Financial Tokyo review the possibility of a Ripple IPO coming in 2020.

Based in the United States, Ripple is a technology company that is involved in a remittance network, real-time gross settlement system, and currency exchange. Ripple Labs Incorporated created Ripple. In a Ripple’s Initial Public Offering or IPO, the investor pays with bitcoin and receives shares of stock from the company.

Series C Funding and Impacts

Ripple has obtained its Series C funding just recently (last December 20, 2019). There were a total of three investors, and the company raised $200 million. With prior funding rounds, the earnings were $93.6 million, and adding the Series C funding gives total funding of $293.6 million.

Here are the impacts of the Series C funding:

  • It significantly increased the total funding of Ripple by 300 percent.
  • It’s one way for Ripple to perform well when publicly traded.
  • It’s a great way to make an acquisition or to conduct an Initial Public Offering or IPO.
  • Ripple will have a lot of exposure to investors through media.

These effects will have a high impact on their potential to go public.

How Ripple Has Matured

Companies like Ripple has grown exponentially over the past years. Because of the success of entrepreneurs in negotiating financing for Ripple with the Series C funding, experts believe that the company has matured and proven itself in the crypto marketplace. At the moment, the company has more than 500 employees with a value of $10 Billion. While Ripple has not talked about going it public, it makes sense for the company to do so.

Ripple IPO Concerns 

However, there’s a growing concern about whether or not Ripple can compete with traditional financial institutions, like banks. Because payment systems are diversifying and becoming innovative, there could be some risks penetrating the public market. They can handle the dangers of alternative payment systems with innovation and proper regulation as what you’ll find on the Landmark Financial Tokyo Review

Ripple’s Advantage

One of the edges of Ripple is that it has become a reliable, efficient, and safe product called RippleNet. It is an alternative payment method that is foreseen as very promising in the future, making Ripple IPO very interesting. Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, said that the company may not be ready for an IPO just as yet, but it’s going to be available in the future.


Companies like Landmark Financial Tokyo review the possibility of cryptocurrencies reaching new heights in 2020. Even with the concerns about Ripple IPO, the company is undoubtedly one of the many that attempts to break traditional rules. The company has a unique product that can be enhanced, and it has the potential to slay the giants in the future.


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