The Pros and Cons of Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Single bowl kitchen sinks, they’re classy, stylish, and offer a unique type of flair to any kitchen. Your kitchen is a busy place, and in many regards, is the beating heart of your family home. You need a sink that offers all of the functionality a modern kitchen demands and that looks good while doing it. A single bowl kitchen sink has a lot to offer in terms of form and function. Just like regular double bowl sinks, they come in a range of materials and styles to suit your décor and your needs.

That being said, single bowl kitchen sinks may not be for everyone. So here are some of the advantages and possible disadvantages that you will want to conditioner before investing in a single bowl kitchen sink.


While a single bowl kitchen sink can work well in kitchens of any size, they are especially best suited to kitchens on the smaller end of the size spectrum. A single bowl kitchen sink takes up about half to three quarters of the counter space that an ordinary double sided sink requires. When you’re working in a tiny kitchen, that extra counter space can be prime real estate when you need to chop vegetables or do some mixing. Like ordinary kitchen sinks, single bowl kitchen sinks come in several different materials. They are also available in apron-front and under-mount configurations. Because the one bowl of a single bowl kitchen sink tends to be larger than either of the bowls in a conventional sink, it usually means larger items are easier to wash. In fact, you can lay an entire cookie sheet in the bottom of most single bowl kitchen sinks.


Of course, the one major drawback to a single bowl kitchen sink is that you cannot perform multiple functions as well as you could with a double bowl sink. With a conventional kitchen sink, you can soak dishes in one side and rinse them in the other- or do whatever pair of sink tasks you want. With a single bowl kitchen sink, you’re limited to one sink related task at a time. This tends to mean that cooking and cleanup are going to take a little bit longer since you cannot clean as you go quite as easily. The other drawback is if the sink becomes clogged, you don’t have a backup.

Single bowl kitchen sinks are very stylish and are exceptionally useful in kitchens with limited space. Of course, they also make great bathtubs for a baby! In conclusion, if you have a small kitchen, or if your kitchen tasks tend to be fairly simple- and you also have a dishwasher- a single bowl kitchen sink just might be ideal.