Getting a Florida Driver’s License

There are typically two different groups seeking a Florida drivers license, and it’s important to know the somewhat different rules for each group, depending which one you fall into. The first group are teenagers getting their first driver’s license, and the second set of rules are for adult applicants.

Teen Requirements

As a teen, you are restricted from obtaining a driver’s license of any kind to operate a vehicle on public roads until reach the age of 15 years. Once the minimum age is reached, then the applicant can obtain a learner’s permit, similar to other states. To do so, the teen applicant must first complete the Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness Course, also known as the Data Course or TLSAE. Then, a 50-question permit test has to be passed online. If successful, the teen can then pick up the actual permit at a DMV office with a parent. After driving for a year with the permit, without any traffic convictions the applicant can then go to a DMV a take the road test. If that is passed, the teen can then obtain a Florida driver’s license.

Adult Requirements

For applicants over the age of 18 years, a learner’s permit is not required. Instead, the adult can apply directly for the Florida driver’s license, but prerequisites still have to be passed. First, the adult must complete the Data Course/ TLSAE just like the teen applicant had to. This is required of all driver applicants, regardless of age. Then both the permit test and road test have to be passed at a DMV field office. Interestingly, the adult applicant must take the permit test in person and cannot do so with an online examination. Typically, the exam is built with 40 questions about road rules and regulations, and then there will be 10 questions on identifying road signs correctly. The road test can be deferred with a permit instead, as an option for an adult to practice. With a successful score in both tests, the adult driver will then be issued a driver’s license. Check out for getting Used Cars OR Renting & Leasing

Getting Help

Obviously, not everyone at an adult age has discretionary time to just roll on down to the local DMV office and take tests. Most folks work fulltime and have busy schedules. So, an effective alternative for preparing for a Florida drivers license is to consider online training. Both the classes and simulations can help tremendously in getting a good grip on what is expected of a driver in Florida. Then, when the opportunity can be schedule, the prepared student can simply go in, pass the tests with confidence, and finalize the license process quickly and efficiently.