As an investor, you should constantly be looking for the best tools to make smarter and more informed decisions. There are many different kinds of financial platforms you can use to better understand how trading works, to discover new trading opportunities, to send and receive money and to play the markets.


Investopedia is one of the most comprehensive financial learning resource platforms, used by millions of traders to improve their financial knowledge. It is a respected and reliable source of information when it comes to economics, corporate finance, stocks, investing essentials, fundamental and technical analysis, portfolio management, risk management, andadvice related to person finances and retirement planning.

This knowledge is vital not only in terms of becoming a better trader – financial education is relevant to everyone, whether they want to buy property, take the trip of a lifetime, start a business or save for the future. Whatever your goals are, a solid grasp of finance is what you need to achieve them.


Founded in 2013, this start-up extracts and compiles data on millions of companies around the world. Its aim is to do for corporate information what Google has done for general search. By organizing and structuring publicly available data, Mattermarkmakes it easier for sales professionals, researchers and private traders to get the lowdown on exciting companies and identify fresh opportunities.

Customers can ask specific questions about companies of interest listed on Mattermark’s vast database, a great way to learn about promising and fast-rising businesses. They can also use the site to identifygeneral market trends that could define an innovative trading strategy. After all, smart traders know how essential momentum is when it comes to picking the perfect assets.


To becomea high-performing and profitable trader, you need to be sure you’re using the right tools. The main priority is to select a professional and secure trading platform that meets your needs. First you need to determine your trading profile and strategy and then choose a broker that suits your characteristics and will enable you to execute your plan.

Trade360 is one of the most popular CFD and Forex brokers among traders looking for a safe and flexible trading experience. With more than 200 assets available, short-term traders will be able to diversify their investment portfolios with ease. Trade360members can access different trading platforms: simple but powerful proprietary web-based and mobile trading versions or the ever-popular, robust and highly advanced MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

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