The 8 Spooky Travel Destinations for the Halloween Season

Looking for the perfect destination to spend your Halloween getaway? We’ve got you covered. We’ve listed below some of the best spooky travel destinations that you can add up in your itinerary. Brace yourself as we take ghost tours, hear the stories of haunted places, and participate in various Halloween Festivals. Be sure to secure the necessary documents when flying to one of these destinations like a visa. And as you fly, there’s a useful flight tracker system that allows you to monitor your journey including the flight details and airport information. Rest assured that you’ll get the latest notifications in real-time if they are any changes to it. Are you ready for our exciting trip? Let’s start!

New Orleans

If you want to visit numerous haunted houses or book a cemetery tour, quickly head to New Orleans and witness the gorgeous tomb of the city. One of the oldest and most popular cemeteries in the city is the St. Louis Cemetery, which is also the final resting place of Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen. If you’ve come across the novels of Anne Rice or the vampire Lestat’s fictional grave location, it’s the Lafayette Cemetery. If you love vampires, be sure not to miss the Vampire Ball. It’s part of the Halloween endless night that takes place on October 28 to 29. However, if you’re into music and art, there’s the so-called Voodoo Festival that you may attend that takes place during the Halloween weekend.

Salem, Massachusetts

There’s no better place to go than Salem when it comes to witches since it is known to be the home of the notorious witch trials. Halloween here is being celebrated for the entire month of October jump-packed with various haunted happenings such as the Annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo, a Ghostbuster show at the Haunted Dinner Theater, various performances at the House of the Seven Gables, and the highlight of the event, the Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball followed by a huge party on a Halloween night. Some other tours and activities are available such as haunted walking tours, and harbor tours. 

New York

The Village Halloween Parade holds the title of being the biggest Halloween event in the Big Apple that takes place on the Halloween itself. If you want to have an authentic experience, dress up and march along with thousands of New Yorkers commencing from Spring Street up to 16th Street. Otherwise, you can just watch them from the sidelines featuring bands, artists, dancers and hundreds of giant puppets. Be sure to be in the area earlier than 7 pm since the parade starts at the given time.

Anoka, Minnesota

Let’s head to the Halloween Capital of the World and the first city to organize a Halloween parade in the entire U.S. tracing back in 1920. To start the season, there’s a traditional football game known as the Pumpkin Bowl followed by the Orange Tie Ball. There are also various contests lined up such as carving contests, costume contests for pets and other activities including the Spooktacular Carnival, and bonfire. The final Grand Day Parade takes place on October 29.


There are various corn mazes in the area that you should check out especially if you’re a fan of the Children of the Corn. If you’re up to wander and wonder for a couple of hours, visit the 33 acres Richardson Adventure Farm which is said to be the biggest corn maze in the world. If you’re up for a much scarier adventure, head over to the Haunted Corn Maze. It is filled with ghosts and ghouls that can only be visited at night. There’s also a ball scheduled every year and will be hosted by the Congress Plaza Hotel. Lastly, you may also enjoy the Halloween Parade which is celebrating its 21st year this 2019.


This is a haven for those movie buffs. Be ready to eat your hearts out at the futuristic MoPOP Museum at their exhibit entitled Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film. If features almost 50 props and costumes inspired by the films and tv shows such as Hostel, Dawn of the Dead, Bride of Frankenstein, The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friday the 13th, Pet Sematary and many more. A weekend before Halloween, you can participate in some events like the Underwater Pumpkin Carving and Mysterious Mammal Feeding.

Hollywood, California

Universal Studios was able to come up with a new attraction named the Terror Tram exclusive for the occasion. Besides, there are also various scare zones and mazes inspired on horror productions like American Horror Story, Saw, and The Shining. If you’re a zombie lover, be sure not to miss The Walking Dead attraction.

San Diego

If you’ll notice the proximity of San Diego to the Mexican border, you’ll stop questioning why there are so many days of the dead celebrations here. It usually starts in October with the Sherman Heights Dia de Los Muertos and lasted until November. It was then followed by the Annual Dia de Los Muertos Festival at the Art Center. Halloween celebrations here are filled with various festivities happening in La Vista Memorial Park, Old Town San Diego, Encinitas, and Oceanside together with activities such as sugar skull decorating, art-making workshop, face painting, and costume contest like the La Catrina. As you visit the area, you can also try out their traditional food.