Hong Kong is a vibrant and dynamic city. Indeed, the country is also a top financial center in the world. In Hong Kong, there are several banking institutions and due to which, many people in the world want to have an account in Hong Kong. Almost all big banks have their branch in Hong Kong and thus it is beneficial for both residents as well as non-resident to have an account in Hong Kong. That is precisely the reason why every during every new company registration , businesses like to use the bank account of Hong Kong. After knowing this, you will certainly be curious to know about how to open a bank account in Hong Kong as a foreigner. Hence, in this article, we have come with a Hong Kong Open overseas bank account guide so that all your doubts become clear and you can open an account in the country very easily.

Guidelines for opening an overseas bank account in Hong Kong

As a non-resident, you are allowed to open a bank account in Hong Kong. However, for that, you must possess a certain document. For example, it is mandatory to have an official identity proof such as a valid passport for the non-residents or any official Hong Kong identity. 

The next thing that you will need to submit is a valid address proof. This is so such that you can submit utility bill, bank statement, or postpaid mobile bill. Do take note that the mobile bill should not be more than 3 months old. In case where you do not have any address proof of your office, then you have to submit any proof of home address. For the non-residents, it becomes difficult to submit the address proof, and hence they are permitted to submit the address proof of any of their known persons such as their friends or relatives. 

Finally, as a non-resident, you must submit a valid visa if you want to open an account with any bank in Hong Kong.    

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