Because of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, different types of companies have been forced to let their employees work from home. While this may grant more freedom for the workers, being productive can become a harder task for others. For employees working in regulated sectors, having to comply is still a must, so they should still be on top of their call monitoring and other data retention policies.

A common problem that employees usually face during this setup is cabin fever or the feeling of being isolated. This can lead to a decrease in terms of productivity and a lack of joy at work. Different people have different ways of dealing with cabin fever and other stressful matters that come with the new setup, but here are some tips on how you can stay efficient during this lockdown.

You can start by keeping yourself motivated during work hours. You can do this by watching motivational videos or playing some uplifting music to get you going and excited for the day. Trying to keep your distractions at a minimum when working also helps you. While this may be hard, especially for parents, finding a peaceful place at home will surely boost your productivity. Lastly, use messaging apps with compliance in mind. Apps like Whatsapp can help you remain compliant regarding your business conversations.

For more tips on how you can stay productive during this lockdown, check out this infographic by Telemessage, the company that can help you capture voice calls for your business’ compliance.

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