The common man needs some entertainment in the frustrating daily routine to get refresh the mood. In this sense, the maximum of people depends on Telugu movies to get instant entertainment. When it comes to Telugu movies, there are many best films we can watch and get some good feelings.

We may miss most of the best movies in theatres, but the latest OTT platforms brought many best movies online to watch as and when we want. The aha came as an exclusive Telugu OTT platform and is having more number of masterpieces, thrillers, feel-good best movies, and video content in its library.

While searching for the best movies in Telugu, there are many movies that may result.  But, we can’t decide to watch one without knowing about the movie. Here we brought the information about one of the best movies in Telugu is Neevevaro.

AdiPinishetty and Tapsi starringNeevevaro movie came in the year 2018 and got a good response from the audience.  Let’s see the story, artists’ performance, technicalities, highlights, cast & crew of the movie.


In Telugu movies, this is not the regular formula movie. The story is about Kalyan (AdiPinchetti), who lost his eyesight at the age of fifteen, conquers his disability, and becomes the owner of a popular restaurant.

He is also the master chef of the restaurant. Kalyan falls in love with a girl named Vennela (Tapsee), who he meets in a restaurant. She seems to be in trouble when she wants to tell Vennela about her love affair. After Vennela tells her family that she is in financial trouble, Kalyan decides to give the money to Vennela.

But the same night, Kalyan had to stay in the hospital for three weeks due to an accident. At the same time, Kalyan also gets sight. Kalyan, who has been discharged from the hospital, makes a lot of effortto find out where the Vennela is. But, it cannot be found.

Eventually, under pressure from family members, he agrees to marry his best friend Anu (Rhita Singh). It is learned that some people have kidnapped Kalyan, who is preparing for an engagement with Anu. What was the situation like for Kalyan who went to save her..? What happened to Vennela..?Kalyan‌, met Vennela? or Not? That’s the rest of the story of Neevevaro, one of the watchable Telugu movies.

Artistes’ Performances:

AdiPinchetti, who was impressed with his excellent performance in Sarainodu, Ninnu Kori, Rangasthalam, has acted more responsibly as a solo hero. The action thriller brought more hype to the film with its stylish performance. Adi was impressed as a blind man in the first half, also impressed in the action scenes in the second half.

Tapsee, who has done well in Bollywood as an actress, has also appeared in Tollywood in a role that is scope for acting. Tapsee’s performance in the role of Negative Shades was a plus for the film. She is impressive in action scenes too.

Guru Fame Rhita Singh has got a good role. Rhita’s performance is especially impressive in the investigation scenes that come in the second half. Vennela Kishore once again made an effort to impress with his comedy timing.


The director Harinath was shown his capability to present a stylish action thriller to the Telugu audience. He handled everything perfectly. Especially he took care of the speed in this thriller‌ movie. Prasan‌, the songs provided by AchchuRajamani are good.  The Vennela sung by Sid Shriram’s song is also visually superb. The background music is too impressive. The cinematography and production values made the film fantastic.

Cast and crew:

Cast: AadiPinisetty, TapseePannu, Rhitika Singh, Vennela Kishore

Direction: Harinath

Music:AcchuRajamani, Prasan

Producers: MVV Satyanarayana, Kona Venkat

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The scenes between AadiPinisetty and TapseePannu are wonderful. Vennela Kishore’s comedy, thrilling elements, Tapsee’s negative shades are the main highlights in the Telugu movie Neevevaro. All these make the Neevevaro a thriller Telugu movie with an unexpected storyline.

Neevevaro is currently streaming on Aha.

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