Is ED treatment necessary if you are not underweight?

Overweight can put you at risk of developing erectile dysfunction. However, other risk factors for ED may include smoking, aging, diabetes, alcohol consumption, and heart diseases. Managing your weight can help improve your sexual life while improving the condition of impotence. Nevertheless, if you experience a weak erection every time you have sex, you should consult with your doctor for suitable erectile dysfunction treatment.

Let’s learn how weight affects your sexual function

  • Cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular disorders like heart diseases may indicate impotence (ED). It is associated with obesity. Moreover, ED is also an initial sign of circulatory problems, which is again related to overweight.

An insufficient blood supply to the penis is one of the leading causes of a weak erection. It can result because of the clogging of protein depositories in the arteries.

  • Sex drive

If you are obese, you are likely to experience a low sex drive. Many studies show that overweight decreases the level of testosterone in men. Therefore, if you experience a low sex drive, consult with your doctor for a diagnosis. He may check if you have an insufficiency of testosterone.

  • Psychological causes

Psychological causes may be responsible for a weak erection. However, it is rare when a man develops impotence because of a psychological reason. Some of them may include depression and stress, which are linked with obesity. It is advisable to consult with your doctor if you experience a weak erection very often. He may refer you to a psychiatrist if he identifies any mental condition responsible for your erection problem.

  • Meditations

Certain medications for depression, hypertension, and aches can show impotence as their side effects. Nevertheless, you should consult with your doctor to know how you can manage the medications and ED.

Whatever the reason be, there are certain ways for erectile dysfunction treatment. Seek medical help and follow the prescribed treatments. Moreover, managing your weight can also help you get rid of your condition. Burning extra calories can assist you in reducing the risk of various other diseases, not only ED. You can also consult with your doctor for ED to know how you can shed extra pounds. Nevertheless, some of the things you can do are-

  • Exercise regularly
  • Take a balanced diet containing avocados, nuts, oatmeal, and berries
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid eating high calories and fast foods
  • Try medications like Orlistat

Obesity can never be good. Therefore, the sooner you decide to manage your weight, the better health you would have.