If you’re a person wanting to do business in a particular country, you would want to invest in the profitable markets. Saturated ones are out of bounds unless you have a strong reason to believe that you can find success with them. If you need to incorporate Indonesia Company service providers would want you to think properly before you make any decisions. So what are the priority investments in Indonesia that the government is encouraging everybody? What do the experts recommend? Sit back and relax while we discuss to you the Priority Area of Investment in Indonesia.

Incorporate Indonesia Company: The list of businesses where you should invest your money

  1. Health Care. After the strike of Covid-19 in the first quarter of the year, the number of patients continues to increase. The country’s health care system needs to expand to cater to more patients. Constructing hospitals and procuring medical equipment, testing kits, and other Covid-19 supplies are just some of the necessities of the country.
  1. Pharmaceutical Industries. Covid-19 patients need to be treated. There is a high demand for Covid-19 medicines. Currently, first world countries are developing the vaccine for the disease. Once it’s available, Indonesia would want investors for this one.
  1. Digital Economy. Online businesses are now in demand especially with these times of Covid-19 since we are trying to avoid face-to-face contact as much as possible.

Schools are not open yet and students are only relying on computers and self-learning modules for learning.

Work from home is also being implemented by some companies. Computers and Internet Connection are needed for this.

The latest trend nowadays is Artificial Intelligence. The computer can be designed to work on its own like for example the medical equipment for getting the blood pressure. It can decide when to pump and when to stop in order to measure your blood pressure. Another example would be the automation of flushing in a comfort room. When a man urinates and leaves the urinal, it will automatically flush.

  1. Indonesia has a large population. In fact, mostly because of their population, they’re ranked as No. 16 largest economy in the world. There is a need to supply to the people the basic necessities like food, cleaning materials, and clothing.
  2. As the economy of Indonesia progresses, infrastructure in the country must meet the demands of time. Communication infrastructure must provide a good internet connection and phone communication.

The airport, seaport, and roads connecting the different towns should also be developed for faster movement of goods and services.

  1. Renewable Energy. Indonesia relies on energy to power the industries of the country. Schools, hospitals, government agencies, hotels, etc. need the energy to use in order to operate. Without it, there will be no lights. Appliances can’t be used as well.

Do you need an Incorporation Company in Indonesia?

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