Sex or gender-based discrimination at the workplace can be common but it can take away your mental peace in such a manner that you find it hard to focus on your work efficiently. That’s why, you must stand up for yourself and speak against it. Gender-based discrimination occurs mainly if a male or female is given more preferences for promotions and perks. If this has happened to you, it is wise to hire a Virginia employment attorney who knows all the legal options you have as an employee.

Sex or gender discrimination

It has been observed that sex and gender are taken the same but they are different in many ways. Sexual harassment may mean someone is trying to get physical with you and asking you for sexual favors whereas gender discrimination means that you are not given an opportunity because you are a female. In any case, any type of discrimination is illegal as per the employment laws.

Every person with the same skills, education and talent deserves to be treated equally. He or she should be given promotions and perks based on these parameters rather than gender or sex. If this is not happening to you, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer and understand what you can do to stop it. 

When do you file a lawsuit?

It is important to understand when you want to file a lawsuit without hurting your case. You might feel uncomfortable in the first incident but may have not acted right away. If you are constantly facing issues such as lower wages, firing, hiring or promotions, you can go ahead and speak with a lawyer. He will listen to your problem and figure out if you have a valid case or not.

If he believes that something is not right in your office, he will suggest to you the best way to deal with the matter legally. For instance, if the company is sending you to treat its male clients on a regular basis, your lawyer will figure out that you have a valid case against your company.

Outcomes of gender-based discrimination

The gender-based discrimination cases are complex and you can expect the lost wages from your employer. In many cases, the compensation may also be awarded to the victim. You will regain your self-esteem and confidence to work in the company properly. 

Staying mum in these cases can be harmful to your mental health and dignity. 

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