9 Must-Have Gadgets for First-Time Parents

Becoming a parent is exciting but at the same time incredibly scary. Bringing a baby into this world and learning to take care of her is not an easy task. When you add a ton of (un)helpful advice you get from everyone around you, it’s easy to understand why first-time parents can feel overwhelmed and on edge. In order to help you navigate parenthood, we’ve put together a list of helpful gadgets you should definitely buy.

White noise machine

Sometimes, it’s the most surprising sounds that help soothe a baby: the sound of a hair dryer, or the sound of a car engine, or even a vacuum cleaner. Instead of turning your appliances on and keeping them on while the baby sleeps, we suggest you invest in a white noise machine. These are portable and handy to have around, and you will be able to do some work around the house while your baby is soothed by the relaxing sounds.

Bottle warmer

Not all moms are able to breastfeed, and even house who can aren’t always able to do it the moment baby gets hungry. Bottle warmers are the perfect gadget to help parents keep baby food the optimum temperature and always ready to give it to the hungry little human. There are even smart bottle warmers that can heat up milk quickly and easily, but also to cool it down if it gets too hot.

Baby monitor

Because you aren’t able to sit around and watch them all the time, having a baby monitor will be a game changer. You will be able to make sure your baby is safe and sound asleep while you’re taking care of other things around the house. There are also smart monitors that have a video camera as well as an app, so you can not only hear when they are awake but actually watch them sleep.

Special bin for nappies

Nappies are going to be everywhere, and the sad truth is – they are far from cute when used ones start piling up and giving off the bad stench. When out to get a nappy bin for your nursery, pick the one that has a lid, as these will keep the smell in. You might be tempted to buy a huge one, but you don’t have to do it, as small one will be convenient enough (you will be taking nappies out regularly anyway).

Portable rocker

When going out for a walk, you could really benefit from a portable rocker that attaches to the pram. Gentle rocking motions will soothe your baby, as even the fussiest babies love being rocked when out in fresh air. Just try to pick a quiet one – you don’t want the noise to wake up your baby after a few minutes.

Breastfeeding pump

There are many models on the market today, and you can see if classic hand breast pump or an electric one is better for you. Whichever you choose, a breast pump is a great investment as it will help you build a milk supply for your baby even when you don’t breastfeed.

Nasal aspirator

Sooner or later, your baby will get a stuffed nose, and because she can’t blow it on her own, a nasal aspirator will do the trick. There are those you can attach to the vacuum cleaner, or those you can pump by hand, so choose whichever works best for your needs.

Smart thermometer

Measuring baby’s temperature is tough, but today there are smart thermometers that make the process much easier. There are even those in form of silicone patches that you place on your baby’s armpit that show the temperature without you having to measure it. With smart thermometers, you can use an app to track their temperature on your phone.

Bath time toys

Bath time can be either very stressful or very relaxing, depending on your baby’s preferences. It’s a great way to wrap up her nighttime routine, and if you need something to keep them occupied while you’re doing the shampooing and washing, bath time toys that spin, sing, and spout water are the best choice.

It can be tempting to go all-out and buy anything and everything you see or read about on the internet, but we implore you not to do it. That way, you will only be spending money on something you aren’t sure it will work anyway. Instead, we suggest you do a lot of research and, whenever possible, borrow gadgets from fellow parents for a couple of days to see if they work before you buy them.