As such, you will not have to make much effort if you want to clean your vinyl flooring. Cleaning these floors doesn’t take much time. One reason why people prefer luxury vinyl is that you will find it very easy and convenient to clean. Light sweeping and mopping with warm water is all you need to do for a sparkling floor. 

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How will you clean vinyl floors?

When you decide to clean your floor then depending upon the floor type you need to devise the right method to clean it. You must certainly consider the property of the type of vinyl floor that you have installed. Because of its stain-resistant property, you need not clean your vinyl flooring too often. 

Also, the flooring material supplier will also provide an instruction manual and describe in detail how to clean the floor. However, in general, the following are the few ways to clean these floors.  


  • Mopping and Scrubbing


As you know, vinyl floors are 100% waterproof. Therefore, you can use water sparingly for cleaning the floors. Use soap and water and dampen the mop for wiping the surface of the floor. Also, you can use a floor cleaning solution while mopping the floors. 

Prefer to use any soft clothes rather than abrasive tools made of steel wool for cleaning the dark stains. This will prevent any scratch development.


  • Sweeping and vacuuming


To remove the dust, it will be better to sweep and vacuum the floor regularly. This can prevent accumulation of certain respiratory irritants. While using a vacuum, you must remember that some of the attachments of your vacuum cleaner that may be rough must be avoided. 

However, the best way to clean your vinyl floor will be to scrub it using baking soda, particularly against any stains and grease.

As such vinyl planks flooring installation is not a very difficult process like hardwood floors. Often many DIY enthusiasts may also prefer to install in a DIY way. However, it will be better to hire a tradie for doing such jobs so that you will be sure of the quality work.

In case of vinyl flooring, you may not be able to do similar timber floor sanding and polishing to remove any scratch if it gets developed. If the scratch is too deep then the only remedy that you have is to replace the vinyl plank.

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