SEO can bring you tonnes of traffic and business if done right, the hard part comes when you have to choose the right agency for you. Always pay attention when an SEO agency promises you a certain placement in the SERPs.

SEO has more than 200 factors play a role in the final placement of a page. Many agencies have no control over most of them. So be vigilant about such promises, because they are extremely dubious. Overpromises is a red flag.

In this article, let us explain to you the long-term strategy with which an SEO agency can use to improve the ranking of your site, because mere promises and guesses will not get you very far in search engine optimisation.

Search Queries in web catalogs and search engines

An SEO agency that advertises that they want to submit your site to hundreds of web catalogues and search engines is employing a bold strategy. There are two simple reasons for this.

Firstly, after Google, there are only Bing and Yahoo as relevant search engine competitors. Secondly, submitting your site to search engines is long out-of-date strategy. The search engines can find new pages on the Internet all by themselves without the help of any manual actions, though some basic settings is required. A good agency would be acquainted with effective digital marketing strategies.

A good seo agency would also know that links from web catalogues are also decreasing in value these days. An entry in a large web catalogueor directory such as Yellow Pages might make sense, but Google sees a large number of these type of backlinks as negative and sometimes even rates them as spam. Such an SEO agency would use it to generate backlinks that would do you more harm than good.

Better long-term cooperation than one-time optimization

In principle, you should be suspicious if an SEO agency promises you their services for a fixed one-time price. SEO is always characterized as a long-term measure. A one-time optimization brings a page on the right track but is not enough to catapult it forward. Hence, if an SEO agency promises you success only through a one-time optimization, be vigilant and worried.

Check references from the SEO agency

A good SEO agency will have many positive reviews. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a global player in the digital marketing world. Ask the search engine marketing agency specifically what the collaboration process will look like. How will they help? How can they optimize the website for you? Also, don’t be afraid to check their portfolio by contacting their previous customers. After all, the customer impression should be helpful in offering a different perspective on the matter.

Specialized SEO agency or site optimizer?

Many online marketing agencies call themselves SEO agencies or search engine marketing agencies despite not having the necessary knowledge about search engine optimization. Larger online marketing agencies may even be unsuitable as SEO agencies. However, it is better if you also look at the references here: experts or Google partners are good indicators for an SEO agency.

Better sustainability than short-term

A long term approach can assure that the successes achieved through the work of the SEO agency remain visible and in place in time to come. It is entirely possible that dubious digital agencies achieve short-term success. However, if this success is based on measures that violate Google’s guidelines for search engine optimization (e.g. large link purchases or even black hat SEOtactics), it will definitely not last very long.

As soon as Google notices that an SEO agency has only “tricked” the high rankings in the SERPs, the consequences range from negative consequences for the visibility of your own website to theGoogle. Once you have received a penalty, it will be a lengthy process for every SEO agency to get your page ranked again.


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