China is the most populated and modern country in the world. It is a charming place that captivates citizens. China has a beautiful history, and the people here concentrate on learning and investing. China is the third biggest country by territory.

China has a unique and aspiring culture and has achieved a record of becoming the second-largest economy in the world. China is a developed country with a rapidly developing domestic market and many growth opportunities for people.

Real estate is very expensive in China because it is overpopulated, and millions of people live in each city. Here is the list of the five most expensive places to buy property in China.

  1. Dalian

It is a gorgeous city with an amazing lifestyle. It has really lovely city beaches and coastal walking trails. It provides a soothing and calming environment to people, and it never feels busy here despite having a six-million-strong population.according to property experts Quick Property Buyer, you can buy an apartment in Dalian at an average price of $400,000 US dollars.

  1. Beijing

It is a global city and one of the most expensive cities in China. It is not an easy city for tourists who do not know how to speak Chinese. Beijing’s real estate is expansive because of high population density, and the inflow of migrants have put extra pressure on the city’s land value and has raised the property prices. The average cost of a house in Beijing is $500,000 US dollars.

  1. Shenzhen

Shenzhen is not as expensive as Hong Kong, but it is also categorized among the world’s most expensive cities. It is one of the most popular cities in china that connects Hong Kong to China’s mainland.

This city is best known for shopping and has amazing malls and parks. Although the price of property per square is $900 US dollars, which is much less than Hong Kong, most furnished homes are bigger than Hong Kong; therefore, prices reach up to $700,000 US dollars for property cash buyers because of the size of the house.

  1. Shanghai

Shanghai is characterized as the showpiece of a booming economy in China. There are many historical buildings, architectural styles, and many beautiful museums.

Shanghai is coming out to be on top of the world’s most expensive cities. According to Chinese investors, the prices of property are reaching out of control. There has been a 20% increase in the price of real estate.

The property price is increased up to $1800 US dollars per square meter.  You can buy an apartment at an average price of $900,000 US dollars.

  1. Hong Kong

It is the world’s most expensive city with the least affordable market. According to a survey on the real estate market, the average property per square meter’s average price is $2,391 US dollars. This rate is higher than Singapore and Shanghai, which are at 2nd and third among the most expansive cities globally in terms of real estate.

There are many reasons why Hong Kong is very expansive. The most obvious reason is over population. Seven million people are living in an area of 1,106 square kilometers.

Research reveals that even if someone earns twice the average income, he needs to work 21 hours a day to afford a 650sq flat in the city center.

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