Physical therapy is a technique that involves manipulating your muscles and joints to ease back pain. It can include exercises you can perform on your own, or your physical therapist can assist you. Physical therapy can help treat back pain Shadow Creek Ranch through muscle manipulation, strength restoration, and improved range of movement.

There are different types of physical therapy, including manual manipulation, electrical manipulation, and aquatic therapy. Your specialist can also include exercises you can do independently to maintain your results.

Causes of back pain

You can classify back pain in two forms: pain caused by a traumatic injury or a health condition like arthritis or osteoporosis. Traumatic injuries include muscle strains or fractures that can occur as a result of a direct hit or a car accident. Other causes can include lifting heavy objects or turning and twisting directly.

Health conditions that can cause back pain include a herniated disc, arthritis, kidney problems, and degenerative disc disease. If you don’t have an injury, your specialist might need to evaluate you to have a correct diagnosis and offer suitable treatment.

Benefits of physical therapy

One of the most significant benefits of physical therapy is that it is highly customized. Your physical therapist considers your symptoms and condition before creating a treatment plan that can suit you. They will work to address the underlying issue so you can experience pain relief. The following are ways you can benefit from physical therapy.

Relieves pain

Your physical therapist can introduce various exercises to offer pain relief for your back. The manipulation of your muscles can target the areas that cause pain and soothe them through manual or electrical manipulation.

Stretching of tight muscles

Your back pain can occur due to sciatica or tight muscles in your hip area. Your specialist can recommend exercises that stretch the tight muscles and enable you to relax. Once your muscles are relaxed, you can move better without restrictions.  

Can eliminate the need for surgery

While most people rely on surgery as the ultimate treatment method, others try conservative options first to delay surgery as much as possible. Through physical therapy exercises, you can experience pain reduction and strength restoration leading to the delay or elimination of surgery.

It might be a relief not to have surgery, especially when you compare the cost and the time you will require to recover.  

Reduces further injury

If you have a muscle strain or another injury, your gait and posture might change to accommodate the injury. However, if you are bending, sitting, or standing in awkward positions, you might have more injuries.

Once you seek treatment for your back injury, your physical therapist can offer strength training exercises to restore your strength and sense of movement.

Whether you have acute or chronic back pain, visit Crom Rehabilitation for treatment. You will meet qualified specialists ready to offer individualized treatment after a careful evaluation. Call or schedule an appointment online and regain your sense of function and movement.

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