Digital lead generation is playing an increasingly important role for B2B companies. While cold calling, trade fairs or mail marketing used to be the most important sources for more B2B leads, the process of lead acquisition has shifted to the Internet.

This process will continue to intensify next year. That’s why we offer our readers 3 top strategies for getting more leads in the coming year.

LinkedIn advertising

The largest share of marketing budgets still flows into Google Ads. Many companies overlook a second most important source of high-quality B2B leads: LinkedIn Ads. There is an opinion that clicks on LinkedIn cost significantly more. This is partly the case, but on the other hand there is a possibility of improved targeting. You can target your advertising very specifically, so that your KPIs look much better compared to Google Ads.

Website visitor detection

This technique for B2B lead generation has been around for a while but is still little known. Yes, you can and are allowed to see which companies have visited your website. There are also many providers that offer this solution. E.g. LeadRebel, LeadInfo, Albacross etc. The advantages are obvious: if you know which companies have visited your website, you can target them and convert them to your customers.

Improve website conversion rate

You can invest in advertising as much as you like or use lead generation software. But, if your website isn’t optimized for conversions, you’re losing tons of leads. So, optimize your website enough that your potential customers are ready to send you an inquiry. The most important factors:

  • UI/UX: how your website looks and how user-friendly it is
  • Speed: how fast your website is
  • Content: how interesting your content is


If you have a real traffic source e.g. B. Once you have discovered LinkedIn Ads, provide your customers with the right content and also see who visited your website, your efforts will pay off and you will generate significantly more B2B leads.

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