If space allows, in the immediate vicinity of the table, you can put a buffet, a display case or a buffet. The main task of this piece of furniture is to show festive dishes, family silverware and inherited antiques. It is a good addition to the dining room in a classic style. It will be much more difficult to integrate such an element into a modern style.

Worth Storing Options

If it is worth storing objects of special decorative value on open niches and shelves with glass doors, then in closed drawers you can put tablecloths, napkins, tableware sets for everyday use and other tableware. In terms of layout, colors and shapes, the buffets offer a wide variety. The most expensive products are solid wood, in simpler cabinets the frame can be MDF, and the front is wooden, there are also cabinets entirely in MDF, they are cheaper.

It should be noted that the sideboard is in fact an autonomous piece of furniture, and its installation will require a significant surface. It seems more harmonious if the apartment has a separate dining room, or at least a dining room. Now simply click here to understand the furniture items.

Italian buffet

Real Italian Or Fake Furniture?

Expensive and wanted items are often faked. Unfortunately, alongside the huge supply of genuine Italian manufacturers on the domestic market, there are many counterfeit products. Fraudsters do everything: they distribute furniture of dubious origin as products of a famous brand, or they produce products themselves, registering a company with a beautiful Italian name and inventing a story for it. There are sellers who sell such pseudo-Italian furniture at low prices under the guise of stocks and sales. Such generosity does not bother confident buyers in the search for Italian furniture, they are ready to believe in any fraud. More cautious buyers who know the real price will not take this ploy, but they could fall into the trap of other scammers who sell furniture of unknown origin at fairly high prices.

To buy a very high quality Italian furniture , pay attention to the following nuances:

Warranty availability

Good furniture and equipment are guaranteed. If it is not there or it is too short, look for another manufacturer;

Availability of samples

The responsible manufacturer has showrooms in which samples of the products offered are presented;

Possibility of additional order

A normal manufacturer appreciates every customer, so after the purchase it won’t be difficult to buy a little thing they can even do it on order. A company focused only on quick profits will not care;

It speaks indirectly of the seriousness of the manufacturer quality of the catalog. If it is printed on thin paper and the photo is of questionable quality, as in the brochures of an ordinary supermarket, it is undesirable to trust the company;

Exchange and return question

Elite Italian furniture is ordered by serious people who are unlikely to change their mind within a week. There is no question about quality, so the exchange and return procedure is usually not provided. Some salons may meet and take products purchased for sale – some of the money may be returned, but this is not common practice.


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