Anyone who wants to grow or achieve something must have the right attitude and outlook. People learn facts, narratives, and beliefs in school and from our families. If peoples’ communities don’t know how to be successful, then it is unlikely they learn unless they seek out the information. Here are three basics for growth in any area of your life or business.

1. Master the Basics

This first principle is redundant on purpose because it’s so important. Don’t try to take on advanced skills until you have first mastered the basics.

2. Stay Teachable

A prevalent issue for business owners or hiring managers is that applicants and employees think they already know what it takes to do the job. Prospective employees interview with false confidence based on prior experience. The attitude that many fail to have is that yes, they have experienced varying degrees of success in the past, but they know they have to learn more to succeed with the new company. Peoples’ ego often prevents them from hearing the truth about themselves or their performance. If you aren’t willing to listen to critique and make changes, you cannot grow.

3. Listen to the Right People

Once you make the attitude shift to allow for new information, make sure you’re getting it from the right people. If you are striving to grow your business, there are countless gurus and strategies you can follow. Follow the lead of people who have successfully done what you are trying to do, and proven growth and performance leaders like Eyal Gutentag. If you want to make more money, read books written by those who have made the most like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.

Growing is never easy; it requires admitting your faults and creating new habits. If you’re persistent enough and master the basics, you’ll see positive change.

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