If you want to sell house fast San Diego, approach your Real Estate Advisor so that he can give you some advice on how you can improve the image since he is in constant contact with the properties in the area and knows the most striking trends. Here are tips that will help you with the first steps before selling your house.

A good welcome

Take care that the front door of your home is pleasing to the eyes of buyers. You cannot imagine how a good painting and cleaning of the facade helps, if you can, place some plants at the entrance, check the bulbs for good lighting, repair the doorbell and remember to replace the mat. This is the first impression.

Make it shine

A clean house is synonymous with a house in excellent condition, so you can earn many extra points with buyers. If your budget allows it, hire a company that is dedicated to this. You can repair many things without hiring a professional, oiling door hinges or changing handles, replacing towel hooks or shower curtains.

Start packing

Lots of furniture or objects in the rooms will make them look smaller and a room without furniture will prevent buyers from seeing it well so start packing objects and furniture that you do not use very often to make the rooms look more spacious and tidy. You can store your things in a rented warehouse or ask a friend to help you store them for a while. This will also help you visualize yourself in a new home.

Prepare the table

Always try to have flowers on the kitchen and dining room table. Do not forget to ventilate your house and keep it very well lit. Remember to keep toys or objects that can contaminate the view of buyers.

Do not forget the garden

A well-groomed garden will always be one of the most valued aspects when buying a house, so repair it, plant some flowers that will make it look more attractive and irresistible.

Other aspects to consider

In addition to selling quickly, homes are receiving a variety of offers. This same survey shows that sellers are seeing an average of 4.5 offers and are competitive. Today’s buyers know that bidding wars are a likely outcome and are coming prepared with their best offer in hand. Getting multiple offers on your home means, you can select the one that makes the most sense for your situation and your financial well-being. Choosing the right time means not waiting to sell in a hurry. There are cases where we postpone a sale and after we decide to do it, we want everything to be resolved immediately. 

Avoid too many brokers

Realtors are useful for negotiating between parties, but too much of them can bring some discomfort. The idea is to talk to one or two brokers who will give the proper attention to the sale of your property and who will work on it, otherwise it is not worth it. Choosing the buyer can seem strange, because what we want is to find a buyer, but avoid selling to anyone. Make a good contract and if you feel that the buyer is not what he says he is, beware.

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